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Jul 21, 2007 02:39 PM

Wilwood Crest NJ

Please any recommendations for good places to eat (mostly dinners) as a family and for my hubby and self on occasion during our 6 day stay!


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  1. We just returned from our annual trip to WWC. We like Russo's on Park and Davis. They are casual, affordable, homemade italian. The Boathouse and Two Mile Landing are the better choices for fish. Boathouse usually has good early bird choices, and their fish is always fresh. We are usually fans of Neil's and Shellengers, but last summer we were disappointed, so we didn't go there this year, although I still here good things about Neils. Believe it or not, the Sandcastle has great dinners and breakfasts - they are located on Ocean and Stanton. They are a mom and pop place, and are very good. We tried for the first time the Pink Cadillac diner, and were not happy. Also, Oliver's on Rio Grande and New Jersey is not The Marvis Diner - they were OK. Of course, everyone likes Little Italy and Ravioli House for italian. I am not crazy about Ravioli House, they are not like they used to be. I hear Garfields is under new management and that they might be worth checking out.

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      For family dinners I would also recommend the Bayview (big place with greay wings and crab cakes!) on the bay in Wildwood Crest (well I think it is technically in Wildwood since they can serve alcohol). Juan Pablos in downtown Wildwood is fun & good if you like Mexican. Rio Grand Station in Rio Grand (awesome crabcakes!). For dinners for you and your hubby I would search the board for some good places in Cape May (410 Bank, Godmothers, etc.).