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Jul 21, 2007 02:38 PM

Wildwood NJ vacation

Please any recommendations for good places to eat (mostly dinners) as a family and for my hubby and self on occasion during our 6 day stay!


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  1. Although it's a little old school, the food and service at Marie Nicole's in Wildwood are lovely. Also, if you want to venture down Route 9 towards Ocean City, try Karen and Rei's outside of Avalon, although it's frequently very busy.

    1. Wildwood is a tough spot for Chowhounds. I go with family every year and just embrace the greasy pizza at Macks, the Boardwalk fries and lemonade, Kohr Bros. ice cream and hoagies from some deli we always visit (I can't remember the name right now ... it's not exactly worth a special trip.) Last year, I discovered Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grill--it would be a great place to get away with you hubby for a real meal.

      I hope this year to check out Britton's Gourmet Bakery which got a tremendous write up on Supposedly they have a apple fritter that's excellent.

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        My family also goes nuts for the sticky buns from Britton's. We drive out of our way each year to pick up two boxes full for breakfast (and one box full of the apple fritters). We also first went there based on a local's recommendation....and have returned every year since.

      2. Driving to Cape May for dinner would take about 20 min. On the way into town are the Lobster House and Lucky Bones. Farther in are Cucina Rosa, Freda's, A Ca Mia, and Godmother's, Mangia Mangia. These are all good places for a family.

        For a couple: Freda's, A Ca Mia, Washington Inn, Louisa's (my favorite - call at 4 p.m. on a Tues. to reserve a spot for the weekend), Union Park, The Ebbitt Room, Peter Shields (the last is expensive). Suggest you make reservations, as these places fill up quickly in the summer.

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          Is Duffers still there in Wildwood? Also didn't there used to be a place were you could get lobster that was cut in half and fried. I thought that was good.

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            we ate at the lobster house a few weeks ago when back east... it was one of the better meals we had when we were there (due to being with non-ambitious, boring eaters)

          2. Is Maui's Dog House open or closed? We are heading down for the week this Saturday.

            1. Check out the Sea Shell in WW for ice cream. The rum raisin and blueberry cheesecake are my favorites.


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                Is Claude's still around, that was always good. I 2nd the vote for Karen and Rei's, it is really good. Another place you might want to try in Cape May is Daniel's, it was awesome.