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Jul 21, 2007 02:18 PM


Any suggestions as to where to eat there? We'll be there for five days this October.

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  1. Piemonte is the biggest mainland region in Italy and there are very different types of cuisine depending on where you go. Do you know which places you will be visiting?

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      We'll be in the Langhe, staying in Verduno, which I think is fairly close to Barolo. We'll have a car. We like really good food.

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        You MUST visit Comm. Burlotto's winery.

        Just across the street from the winery you'll find Falstaff, a Michelin restaurant (by appointment only).

        After you visit the Burlotto's, ask mom Marina or son Fabio to make the call for you.
        (they'll most probably just walk with you to the kitchen's window and alert the chef)

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          Oh wow, I stayed in Verduno 2 weeks ago, at the Ca del Re agriturismo! Verduno is tiny, but has the Real Castello, a Savoy castle (perhaps you are staying there) with a good restaurant. The risotto I had there (risotto carneroli "aquarello" di verduno) was the best I've had in my life (and I've had--and made--a lot of good risotto) made with (I think) a local cultivar of carneroli. The castle has its own Barolo and Barbaresco vineyards and you can drink its wines with dinner. I spent all of 4 days in Piemonte so I'm not exactly a local expert, but was very happy with that meal.

          In Barbaresco I ate at Antica Torre, which gets raves on chowhound and elsewhere. I thought it was pretty good (especially the carne crudo covered with shaved black summer truffles) but preferred the Real Castello.

          Here is useful link to other places to eat:

      2. The very good news is that there is a lot of good food in Piemonte, especially the Langhe region. I would not say it is hard to find a bad meal there, but it is easy to find a good one. Depending on when you are visiting in October and the weather/climate conditions at the time, you may catch the beginning of the white truffle season.

        I have not been to that part of Italy in 6 years. Places I recall being quite good are Boccadivino in Bra, Osteria la Rosa Rossa in Cherasco (a charming & unique village)
        Trattoria della Posta in La Mora, Il Casinalenuovo in Isola d'Asti and Da Cesare in Albaretto della Torre.

        Be sure to do 'Search this board' seaches for Piemonte, Lange, Alba, Asti, etc. as there have been several posts about the region over the past year.

        The enoteca in the castle of Grinzane Cavour is well worth a visit for a tour of the castle and a tasting room featuring the wines of the area.

        1. i'm jealous. just returned from piedmont and loved it. there's a difference between slowfood and gourmet so it depends on what your definition of "really good food" is. slowfood is mom and pop food, good basics, organic but no frills good. boccondivino in bra is an example of slowfood; that's where it all started btw. veglio and vignaiolo near la morra are likewise good venues. these will run you about $100-120 including a bottle of wine for everything. but for gourmet really good food in your area don't miss guido in pollenzo, lalibera and piazza duomo in alba. further away but worth the trip are da cesare mentioned already, all'enoteca in canale and our favorite la ciau del tornavento in treiso. these are reidel, domed plate, silverservice type places and worth the extra hundred bucks or so but compared to nyc or sf or la prices, these are a bargain and a half even with the lousy euro exchange. add about $30 if you add truffles to the dishes but you can't not have truffles in piedmont if you're there in the fall.

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            The good news is that you are visiting during the Alba truffle fair. Each weekend in October the city is filled with stalls and market stands offering fantastic local produce and products. The main event is of course the truffle fair which is co-located with wine tasting and other great stuff. In each piazza there are events (varies by weekend) with flag throwing competitions, medieavil recreations, bands etc. you will have a great time. It is possible to eat on the street and impromptu outdoor dining soaces - all part of the festival experience. Don't miss it.

            Elsewhere, I reccommend taking lunch at la belvedre in La Mora - outstanding food and a commanding view over the vineyards of barolo.

            There are lots of other great places to visit, you can see ourt photos of Piedmont here -

            Have a great trip