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Jul 21, 2007 12:41 PM

Lemons with peppermint sticks [moved from What's My Craving board]

As a kid, one of my fondest memories was going to the Annapolis Fine Arts Festival every year and getting a whole lemon with the top cut off and a short, fat, peppermint stick stuck inside of it. The peppermint sticks were slightly hollow or "straw-like" and one would suck the lemon juice through the peppermint was a sticky, delicious mess! Does anyone know where I could find peppermint sticks like these so I could make this bit of nostalgia at home?

Im looking for an on-line source, but currently live in Raleigh and travel to the Annapolis/Baltimore/Washington area and have family in Hilton Head and Portland (ME) areas that would also be willing to help me procure these elusive peppermint sticks! Thanks.

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  1. I've had them with lemons, but when I was growing up we did them with oranges. The first time I remember having them was at Girl Scout camp and we called them "Girl Scout Sundaes." Used to be you could get them pretty much anywhere--we would get a great big bag called "Soft Sugar Stix." If you can't find them anywhere else you might try the Vermont Country Store. But I don't know that they'll be all that hard to come by.

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      We also had them in oranges at Girl Scouts and called them "cowboy sundaes".

    2. I'm from Annapolis, MD and remember 4th of Julys sucking on peppermint sticks stuck in lemons. In June I decided it was time to introduce this sweet/sour concoction to my 8 year old daughter. We moved about 2 years ago from Annapolis to Camp Hill, PA (outside of Harrisburg) and I found the peppermint sticks at the farmer's market.

      Yesterday turned out to be the perfect day to have a little girl party. But I thought-- I should google "peppermint sticks in lemons" just to make sure there isn't something that needs to be done to the lemons. It had been years since I had these treats and I began to wander if I had forgotten something-- lost in childhood memories. Well, this post popped up in the google results and I was compelled to read it and find that you're from Annapolis, etc. And you remember the Annapolis Arts Festival-- loved that festival at the City Dock. I'm wearing a silver bangle bracelet that I had made for me right there at that festival when I was like 15! A dear friend of mine still works at Cantler's...... where I have actually never eaten, but have drank a beer. (It's a bit of a family joke-- meet someone in Wyoming and if they've been to Annapolis, they've been to Cantler's!)

      Ok, I could ramble on about Annapolis, where I was this weekend-- all of our family are there and while Annapolis is lovely-- the congestion and building projects are stifling. I graduated from Annapolis High in 85 and my husband in 81. How 'bout you?

      Now for the illustrious peppermint sticks-- have you tried Cracker Barrel stores? I don't know for sure if they have them but it seems likely. If you're still unable to procure these sticks-- let me know-- I'll send you some-- the Amish at the farmer's market here sell a bag of about 30 for $2.00-- what a deal.

      As for the girls little party yesterday-- all 10 of them LOVED them and were thrilled with the concept and thought they were the neatest treats! I go back to the market on Friday for more sticks! Yes, I had one too------and how sweet it was!

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        there was just something on this in southern living. thought it looked great. 2 brands of the peppermint sticks are bob's and king leo. fresh market near me sometimes has king leo. now amish ones from a market are probably better - but those are 2 to look for. think maybe i've seen them at places like world market too - oh and maybe either linens and things or bed bath and beyond. for some reason they seem to have unusual candies. good luck.

      2. Try the vermont country store.

        1. I'm of no help, but wanted to say that growing up in Baltimore, we used to make these and sell them at our school's yearly spring bazaar. Called them Lemon Sticks. Don't know where we got the actual peppermint sticks, unfortunately. But thanks for bringing up a sweet memory!

          1. Revsharkie, I graduated from Old Mill in 1983. Im glad to hear that someone else has fond memories of the Fine Arts Festival. Yes, Annapolis has certainly changed...and what a pleasure to hear that your little girl enjoyed these treats at her party. Somtimes the simple things in life are the best!

            As a follow-up, I ended up finding the perfect peppermint sticks at the Harry and Davids outlet in Smithfield, NC. I hadnt even though of the King Leo sticks.

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              That wasn't me...I've never even been to Annapolis.