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Jul 21, 2007 12:33 PM

Expansion at 9 Island Bakery (Rohnert Park)

Got a scare yesterday afternoon when I drove up to the Nine Islands Bakery (Padaria 9 Ilhas) where the windows and original entrance were papered over. But as I got closer, I could see the arrows pointing east and around the corner. There I found a new storefront with a retail area that seemed a little bit smaller than before. But the big news is that the old space plus the new add up to a huge increase in square footage. The bakery expanded over the 4th of July weekend.

The aroma of fresh bread and oranges when you step in the door is absolutely intoxicating. Though I'd just had lunch, I couldn't stop myself from buying four little pastries. Here's the shot of the queijadas (pasteis de nata): I bought the orange one in the center and one of the custard tarts to the right.

Photo of queijadas in the case -

Then new to me were a couple other tarts shown here. On the right are mimos and to the left the spice pasteis, also available in a darker molasses.

Photo of spice pasteis and mimos on display -

I asked, and was told that they'd all been baked late last night or in the morning, as my last purchase here was too stale. Four set me back $3.40. Sampling these at home, the orange was back on form with a delicate flakey crust, chewy moist center and concentrated orange flavor and aroma, the custard was just okay (perhaps one from the day before), and the molasses reminded me of a good spice cake but wasn't that distinctive. As much as I loved the orange queijada, my favorite by far was the mimos. The bottom is like the richest and chewiest coconut macaroon you've ever had and on top is an intense and silky coco-flan.

Again, I inquired about whether this new expansion would allow them to make malasadas. In the past, they'd not had the proper exhaust hood to do deep-frying on a large scale. The good news is that besides increasing the variety of breads baked here, they're looking into malasadas as this is the most popular request. However, the cost of the exhaust system might be prohibitive.

Gonsalves Sardines -

Reopening -

Queijadas -

9 Island Bakery
1 Padre Pkwy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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  1. Reading over those old posts, this bakery is really a gem. I have to make it a higher priority to get there.

    I have never heard of mimos. I posted about them on the General Board ... which retireving the link, I see you've found

    Have they upgraded the linguica rolls that you know?

    I didn't realize you didn't know that the OP doesn't link in Places. I thought you were just being streamlined in the sardine post. . At this time, only a reply will add the Chowhound report ... usually. Somewhere there was a mention in the future being able to link reports outside of the thread. Here's another tip. Entering sf in the location will pull up anything in the Bay Area, don't need to enter Rohnert Park.

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      Yep, this thread is not linked to either of the Places noted at the top in Places Mentioned (duplicate Places entries). Probably my fault as at the time I posted, nothing came up for 9 Islands, 9 Island, Nine Islands, or Nine Island anywhere in the bay area, so I created a Place.

      I've been referring to it without "s" as that's how the name appears on its logo. However, the website uses "s".

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Ok, let's try this link one more time

        9 Island Bakery
        1 Padre Pkwy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

        1. re: rworange

          Premade linguiƧa rolls wrapped in aluminum foil were sitting on top of the counter. i didn't ask what type of linguica is in them these days.

    2. Finally made it to 9 Islands. I was in Sebastopol and decided on the way home to check out the other direction that said Rohnert Park. I was originally amazed you found this joint since it is in the back section of a strip mall. I didn't have any notes about the place with me and just drove down the main drag looking for a sign.

      I liked the orange queijada quite a lot. It is larger and airier than others I've tried. They don't mark the names so I just got something else with vanilla, but the orange was better.

      They have the most amazing looking puff pastry. Now that I know where it is, I'll be back when I'm in the area.

      This was last week. just before Easter and they were really slammed with business. The good part was that trays of baked goods were being rapidly replenished. The bad part is that it didn't allow for asking questions.

      They do make an excellent Easter sweet bread, which is sort of like a sweet Hawaiian bread only denser. It actually held up well in the plastic bag for a few days.

      I didn't want a big bread with eggs, so I just grabbed a small-size and didn't notice it was in the shape of a bunny, very cute. I enjoyed the head, ears and tail for breakfast and made a quite the satisfying kielbasa and red horseradish sandwich out of the body.

      Also found Sift and noticed a Grocery Outlet nearby, but I wasn't in the mood to stop by either place. Suddenly after my barbacoa crawl I'm noticing more and more places serving it. Near the big Mexican market on that main drag was a place with a banner advertising barbacoa and consomme. Lots of taco trucks in that area including one with Oaxacan food.

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        if you are shopping at 9 Islands on Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday, try the Corn Bread - it is simply wonderful. I was there on Wednesday morning and luckily found a day-old loaf of the Tuesday-baked Corn Bread to go with the Gonsalves Marmelada Quince Jam and the Matos family's St. George cheese.

        1. re: Cynsa

          The corn bread is actually made with corn meal flour and white flour, the same used to make corn tortillas or masa as opposed to southern corn bread which is made with corn meal and white flour. It's a pretty easy recipe to make and you're right, it's delicious with the St. George cheese.

          The Portuguese Sweet Bread is a traditional Easter bread. It was brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the Portuguese along with Malasadas and a braguinha which the Hawaiians named a Ukelele. I think both breads are best toasted.

        2. re: rworange

          Wow, didn't know you hadn't been to 9 islands yet. I'm not quite that intrepid, the original location on that little strip mall was closer to the street and easily visible driving by.

          Could you please clarify where you were that you saw a big Mexican market and trucks?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I'll do the best I can. When i was at 9 Islands, I jotted down the hours on a piece of paper which I had a few notes about the Sebastopol truck with the raspados and other places I might be interested in and wanted to look up. I put the paper in the bag with the pastries, ate the pastries and tossed the bag. Suddnely I'm thinking I found a use for Twitter. It might make a good place to jot notes.

            I saw about four trucks on the same road Carreno's was located. In fact i think the Oaxacan truck was a Carreno's. truck.

            The Mexican market was on Commerce, a few strip malls down from 9 Island. I'm guessing from Googling it is La Perla. and the restaurant might be La Plaza Garibaldi which shares the same address. 6650 Commerce. There was a big banner in front about the barbacoa which iwas what interested me. Further Googling on that restaurant turned up this sighting by kare_raisu, so it must be it. There was one positiver yelp report on this restaurant, tho not on the barbacoa.

            On the positive side, looking to find my notes, I found my San Rafael Persian restaurant notes. Will post about that shortly after seeing if there is something called soup joe.