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Jul 21, 2007 12:07 PM

Green Leaf

Anyone know the Web site for this restaurant? I tried searching, but no luck. Based on a previous post, someone recommended this over Tamarind Tree so I wanted to review the menu/photos. Thanks

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  1. I don't think they have one. Try the green mango or green papaya salad with either shrimp or tofu. Or the banh xeo. Or any of the pork dishes.

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    1. re: PAO

      Thanks. Can you tell me what the decor is like inside? Does it have a cool atmosphere, or more traditional? Would you agree with this place being better than Tamarind Tree?

      1. re: michellev

        Not better, just different. I consider the atmosphere 'cool'. Tamarind Tree is larger and its decor is more upscale. I personally prefer Green Leaf; it's homier and the service is impeccable: I feel I get more attention because it's smaller. I like attention. A lot.

        1. re: Lets_eat

          I think GL is better; I think TT is good but I've eaten at both many times, and have just had better service and food at GL (the GL folks are very friendly; at TT it is consistantly hard to get attention). Pretty much everyone I know that is familiar with both thinks the same. It is WAY smaller so expect to wait at prime times-they don't take reservations like TT. There is no hard liquor at GL, while there is at TT, but since I've never been impressed with the cocktails at TT this isn't an issue for me.

          GL has been reviewed to death so you can find photos and reviews in all the local papers if you search. You can also find pictures in this thread:

          Decor is fairly nice-much better than your average ID place, but not fancy.

          These places are both very inexpensive-try both and see which you like better. :)

    2. I think I'm a dissenter from the conventional wisdom insofar as I prefer TT to GL. Green Leaf does have a superior banh xeo (to any that I've tried, anywhere) but I've had some pretty bad dishes at GL too - their pho is particularly lousy. TT's never served me anything bad. I agree that GL typically has better service.

      Anyhow, I agree with PAO on the recommendations. The banh xeo is a must.

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      1. re: terrier

        i liked the banh xeo (and crispy fried rice paper spring roll) at Lemongrass also, the last time i tried it (a while ago)

        1. re: barleywino

          Lemongrass does not get the press that the other two do but it serves up pretty comprable food with good service and often not the wait that the other two always seem to have. There are two lemongrass restaurant but I prefer the one under seven stars in the ID because the one by Seattle U has a menu that caters a little more to the white palate.

        2. re: terrier

          Try the banh xeo at pho bac on 7th and jackson. best in the city. pho is killer too---also best in the city.

          1. re: passionfoodie

            I *love* that Pho Bac. It is, all in all, my favorite restaurant in the city. I'm there once a week on average (usually for pho and much more often in the wintertime.)

            I don't think they have any competition for having, consistently, the best pho in Seattle. Very good banh xeo, too.

        3. When Tamarind tree opened, it was an eye-opener. Gorgeous interior, with lovely countertops in the lavs, persimmon walls, and an attractive bar open to the house (get the kumquat crush, but go ahead and be a pill and ask ahead to be sure they are not using green kumquats that day - that was awful) . A hodgepodge of a menu, still poorly presented, but with some really fun dishes: The pickled Bon Bon (Lansum domesticum) salad is killer, and the rest are quite good. The presentation of the Bo Bai Mon (7 courses of beef) is an experience everybody should have once, with the Bo La Lot outstanding (when the service can get it to the table before it is cold, which is not always). The Tamarind Tree fresh rolls are definitely a cut above any other in town. Tam makes his own ice cream, and it is a treat.
          Green Leaf is a smaller place, "intimate" is a likely adjective, where you are more likely to get the attention of a server, and the prices are maybe 20% lower. This is the first (and still best) place I found Bahn Xiao, the Vietnamese "pancake," tasty of coconut milk and filled with bean sprouts. There, too is a nice Lotus-root salad and a menu similar to TT, but no chic decor, though their's is nice enough, or bar.
          Both restaurants are favorites of ours (Tam brought TT rolls to our reception - a hit), though our attendance dropped-off when his prices went from incredible to merely good.

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          1. re: mrnelso

            Went to Green Leaf tonight good food as usual, especially the grilled short ribs which were amazing. When I was talking to the owner he mentioned that he is planning on renovating the upstairs of the restaurant to increase the capacity in a couple of months. Hopefully the service will stay good and it will mean less waits.

            1. re: dagrassroots

              Visited Green Leaf last night for the first time (I can't believe I've waited this long!). Fantastic. Hadn't eaten Vietnamese in a while except for bahn mi. It is amazing how much flavor they can coax from grilled items. The Bahn xeo wrapped in lettuce with basil, cilantro and that pungent variant of mint has sensational texture. Nuoc cham is perfectly balanced. Also had pork chop, shrimp and fried egg over rice, and my companion had the mixed grill/egg roll combination with rice vermicelli.

              Not an easy comparison with Tamarind Tree for me. Obviously TT's menu is three times as long, and probably more intriguing. I thought Green Leaf might have a slight edge on the quality of similar items. Both places offer a tremendous value, and easily surpass Vietnamese I've had anywhere else (except for bahn mi and pho specialists).