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Jul 21, 2007 12:04 PM

Korean take-out btw J-town to Culver City?

Asking for some help here. Someone asked a similar question back in late 2005 but got no replies. Perhaps I'll do better now. I'm heading home from Little Tokyo towards Culver City and would like suggested places for Korean take-out food. Thanks!

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  1. Are you looking for a Panda Express-type deal where you walk through a cafeteria-style lane and get what you want? If so, the only place I can think of is Sorabol in the food court at Century City (or Topanga in Woodland HIlls, but that's out of your area) mall. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you can call any of the K-town restaurants for pick-up.

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      Yes, the OP has to be much more specific as to what s/he wants. All restaurants-- save for some of the barbecue places-- will take orders by phone for take-out.

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        Sorry I wasn't more specific, but I was pretty much open to anything Korean. The bbq, sushi, etc. One of my friends told me to try a place called Korea BBQ House which is across from the Miyako Hotel on First Street. Probably not the greatest, but certainly acceptable for my needs. They do give you an impressive amount of food for the buck. For example the bbq chicken and shrimp skewer meal comes with quite a bit of chicken, 9 shrimp (medium to large), rice, miso soup, small salad, some pickled cucumber, kim chee, asian potato salad (a little too salty to me), and a portion of mung bean sprout salad.