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Jul 21, 2007 11:32 AM

Kindle - New Lewes restaurant

Yum! Went there last night and highly reccomend it to anyone. Trendy setting, good food, excellent servers/hosts/etc. Fairly varied wine/beer list as well (not extensive on the beer, but varied). Service was perhaps a little slow, but not to a fault and they didn't make you feel rushed at all once served. It's in Paynter's Mill and they don't do reservations, but they do accept call-aheads. Site is

I'm a vegetarian, and the veggie meal was fantastic, in addition to a number of appetizers, salads and sides I could have chosen from if I hadn't wanted the dinner. (I got the crispy risotto cake app, which was fantastic). the others with me got the filet mignon (and loved it, no steak knife needed) and the duck (also good, but he had filet envy). Everything else that went by looked delicious. For dessert - a huge toffee brownie with homemade ice cream.

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  1. Thanks for the info as I wasn't aware it was (finally) open - its the same people that have Striper Bites & Half Full in Lewes so should indeed be good. Will hit it later this week.

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      I have heard good things and the menu looks good. Striper Bites started out okay but has fallen, so I will take a wait and see approach. I understand the toffee brownie is available at Half Full for Half the Price.

    2. The "Special" at dinner on 08/01/07 was "Pan Fried Wahoo"; a fish substance prepared to the texture of overcooked sirloin and accompanied by a mixture of mushy green and yellow zucchini and a scoop of coagulated seasoned rice.
      My pre-dinner Martini was advertised as "Classic - with top shelf gin". It did not fill the large V-shaped glass, had too much Vermouth, was not stirred enough to frost the glass. (the olives were large and tasty).
      When the check was presented and $100 cash was put into the plastic folder, the waitress inquired if "change" was necessary. HECK, YES ... the bill was only $65 !
      My change was returned in the folder and "slapped" on the table.
      Overall, tourism in this small, quaint town has fallen-off in the past several years and the restaurants are struggling to stay in operation. Prices have risen and quality has not kept pace. This place is no exception.

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        GG6: thanks for the info. Sounds like this place is no threat to Fish On!, where the food and service (and drinks!) are stellar.

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          Fish-On peaked over a year ago when their original chef left and has never been the same, perhaps partially because focus has been lost as they now have 4 local restaurants in their chain ? We did dine at Kindle last week and I found the food & service good but I would agree somewhat with gg6, did the area really need yet another overpriced joint?

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          I think your review is spot on. The ambience of Kindle is great but the bad attitudes of the waiters and bartenders outweights any positives. I have never been treated so rudely by a bartender. He clearly caters to the bar regulars and is quick to turn snotty if you ask him to correct a drink order. I would like to give Kindle a second chance, mainly because the manager was calm and tried to address the situation appropriately, but with a hostile bartender, waiter and bar flys on the attack, a return visit is doubtful.

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            I am disappointed to read these reviews. I have heard good things about Kindle and was thinking about taking my mother there the next time she comes to town. I don't want to take that risk now. Our family loves Striper Bites so I was looking forward to a nice time at Kindle. I think the people who live out there like the restaurant though.

        3. Kindle is moving out of Paynter's Mill and into the Books by the Bay location on Bank Street in downtown Lewes.

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            I am really sorry to see them move. We only get to town about two weeks a year but spned at least half of our evenings dining there. We have learned to love the atmosphere, the bar, the wait-staff, and the connected wine shop. We will certainly visit the new site but will miss the current venue.

            A previous post addressed prices and attitude. As far as price is concerned - ya know - it is all relevant to what you get in return. We believe there is an acceptable return on our investment of both time and $$$. As to attitude - regulars rule. You know I bet you are "in charge" at your regular haunts so take it easy on the locals. If it were not for the regulars us out-of-towners would have no place to visit a few times a year. Best of luck to Matt and the gang and we will be visiting soon with lots of Wilbur Buds!

          2. I had a very disappointing meal there last night, although my husband fared better. I had a vegan tomato/squash bisque that didn't have much in the way of flavor other than, well, tomato to start. I had a grilled salmon served over a bed of mixed greens, green beans and pearl pasta which was so over dressed that I sent the salad back asking for less dressing. It returned still so sloppy with avocado mustard vinaigrette that I just didn't eat the salad. (The salmon was, however, perfect.) My martini was generous and prepared to my specifications, and we passed on dessert. My husband thought his mussels were fantastic, but his rib-eye was unevenly cooked.

            1. I did finally get to the new Kindle for lunch on Saturday and it was a good experience. My husband recently had an excellent dinner there and was determined to get me there too. I loved it!
              There were three of us and we were seated right away inside and felt welcome. I had the tarragon chicken salad sandwich and baby greens with champagne vinaigrette for $9. My husband had the BLAT ("a" for avocado) with fries for $7, and our son had the ham and brie sandwich with fries for $9. We were all very happy with our food, the service and the atmosphere. My husband and son say they will go back again for a burger because they looked so good. They offer a salmon lunch entree for $18, what I will have on my next visit. We did not order drinks but look forward to having a glass of wine at that beautiful bar sometime in the future.
              I had heard complaints about the prices but I can tell you that these particular lunch entrees are not overpriced. The burger is $12 but is not your average burger from what we observed.