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Jul 21, 2007 11:22 AM

Pizza Delivery Warmer Bags

I am making two pizzas for a party tonight at a friends house and have to bake it at home becuase their oven is too small and so I am desperatly looking for somewhere that I can buy two carrying cases that will keep the pizzas warm en route.

Any idea where I might be able to find such?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. When you get there, cut the pizza in half and place it in their oven! Done:)

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      1. re: rich in stl

        The OP did say they needed it tonight -- that said, I'm not much help.

        Wrap the pizza up on whatever your carrying it on and throw a blanket over it with some hot water bottles. Or, if you have a portable power unit (like Cdn. Tire keeps advertising) throw an electric blanket or a heating pad over it.

        1. re: Atahualpa

          Thanks for the suggestions! I ended up buying keep-cold/warm bags from the SLMarket for $6. I wrapped the pizza's in tin foil and made sure to make them small enough to fit in. They did make the pizza dough a little chewier than I would have liked but did keep them warm. The other last minute option was to buy the real deal from a kitchen supply store on Queen W for $65 but until I make a career out of deliverying home made pizza's I figured the price tag was a little high!

          1. re: leslievillian

            I dont know if you are still interested in finding pizza delivery bags.
            I had been serching for awhile for thoses as well. Found one type that they were selling at Sam's club for 9.99. Cant go wrong with that price. They hold up to an 18 inch pizza. The way it was designed you can use it for carry some groceries in it too.

            1. re: hammerb29

              Try Pizza pizza they sell the wamer bags I don.t price