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Jul 21, 2007 11:12 AM

Has anyone been to J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge on W. 6th?

This is all I can find out about it:

Besides this, the only thing on the web about this place is a bunch of different local social clubs putting up event notices about going there to check it out.

Can’t tell if it is fancy-fancy like StarBar and KeyBar, or if it is laid back and relaxing.

We moved her from DC where we had a local bar (Atomic Billiards) that was the best bar ever. Cheap pool, vintage couches, chairs to lounge in, TVs on the game muted, no food served (so you could bring in your own), and above all else nice staff that never rushed you and let you sit and relax all night.

Looking for that in Austin and have yet to find it. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Went to J.Blacks a couple days ago for a benefit for Settlement Home[a homeless children center].You enter the building through a small patio set up for smoking,the main room is dominated by an oval shaped bar with a small tv lounge set off to the right rear.The staff were attired in the standard whites and blacks,enthusiastic but inexperienced.My first beer was spoiled and immediately replaced by another spoiled beer...I guess they don't sell alot of Amstel.The room filled up with yuppies trying to be not yuppies....guys with pleated pants and tattoos,girls fresh from the office and attired in Dillard's wear.The benefit group were clearly out of their element[immaculately attired Latino professionals] so it was kind of nice to note the diversity of the scene.Would I go back?I never went to Foundation[which I believe occupied the space formerly]and I see no compelling reason to return to J.Blacks.Not a bad place just not my scene.

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      J. Blacks is a little too much like Foundation -- not in the same place, but feels like a smaller version. That said, it will be the hot spot for the next 2-3 months, as most new places are. If you want a more laid-back, comfortable bar head across the street to Molotov Lounge -- pool table and t.v.'s inside, and a cool patio upstairs. You can also bring in food or have it delivered, as they do not serve food. Their happy hour prices are good -- I believe $2 for domestic beer until 9pm.

    2. I got nothing on J.Blacks, but another place in the nearby nabe, over on 5th across from the Whole Foods caught my attention -- couldn't get a name on my driveby, but the marquee noted it was the "Tiniest Bar in Texas". Def'y not true, but the place still appealed to me. Anybody been there ?

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        Some friends and I ended up there one night right when they first opened. We chatted with the two friendly guys who own the place. At the time, I don't think they had come up with a name yet (I think they were tentatively calling it "Austin's" or "Austin Bar"). We kept trying to convince them to just call it Tiny Bar, which would juxtapose nicely with the enormity of Whole Foods and the condo jungle. Go check it out! The little porch area is nice for a cold brew.

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          It might be true. They have about 4' of bar space. If you like to sit outside on a porch next to a bar built using the taco stand school of architecture, then it is great. It looks like someone's way of clearing enough coin to pay the property taxes while they are trying to hold on to a little slice of real estate gold.

          I actually liked it, but it might have been because I had just walked about ten blocks and I needed a beer. It is very minimalist, just a bar (or counter), some porch and picnic tables, and bathrooms

        2. I haven't been in the place, but just walking by, it doesn't appear to be the kind of place you describe above. It looked to be a bit on the fancy side. However, if you haven't discovered Lovejoys yet, (@ Nueces and 6th, I think) that might be what you' re looking for.

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            I was there Wednesday night, after leaving Hut's 2 for 1 burger night. It was early in the evening, around 9:30. They had around 10-15 people in there. As it got closer to midnight, the bar area filled up. And most everyone order something from the small sharing food menu. It's a nice to place to sit back enjoy a refreshing drink, people watch. They have some good music playing and it's not too loud. I hope they do well.

          2. Have you ever been to the Side Bar over on Red River and 7th? Has kind of the feel you were talking about.