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Jul 21, 2007 10:32 AM

Birthday dinner in Wheeling?

I'm taking my best friend out for flight lessons from Palwaukee and looking for a fun place to go to dinner afterwards. I'm a sheltered downtown Chicagoite, but will have a car and I'm looking forward to exploring.

We'll be done a little late, so is there a place that might be serving until 10 or 11? All types of food are enjoyed, and a good wine list is a must.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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  1. Near Palwaukee you have a lot of possibilities. Cafe Lucci (in Glenview, but quite nearby) has a super wine list and a great bar to have a predinner cocktail.

    1. Not sure which night of the week your looking to dine on, but Pete Miller's is nearby and has a respectable wine list with a good bar. Here is the website with hours and menu:

      1. Lots of great places out here!

        If wine is a big must, the new Tramonto/Gand restaurants (of TRU fame) have four new experiences at the Westin North Shore, located at Lake Cook Road and Milwaukee, so just a couple of miles from Palwaukee (5 minutes, max).

        Tramonto's Steak and Seafood is an upscale steakhouse. Great food, high end service. They feature an extremely extensive wine list. Upstairs from it is the RT Lounge, which is a more casual experience, includes the entire steakhouse menu, but also adds in some lounge favorites and a full sushi bar. Osteria di Tramonto is an Italian restaurant, again, great food and an extensive wine selection. Meals start a bit lower in cost at Osteria and include gourmet pizzas and pasta dishes, as well as meats and fish. Osteria does tend to get pretty noisy during busy hours, so consider that in making your decision as well.

        Bob Chinn's is a good, but busy, staple in the area. Largest seafood menu you'll find and good steaks as well. Also, located just down the road on 21. This is a very casual restaurant and does get pretty busy. Great for a low key dinner, maybe not so great for a quiet evening. Their wine list, or nearly anyone else's, will come nowhere close to touching the Tramonto/Gand restaurants.

        If you go towards Deerfield/Northbrook (about 15 minutes), you'll find chain restaurants Ruth's Chris and Morton's. Tons of information about them out there and, since they are chains, you pretty much can anticipate what you'll get. :


        Hope this helps!

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          Nice recommendations!

          I completely forgot about Chins and I know they keep late hours and wouldn't require reservations either.