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Jul 21, 2007 10:21 AM

Elegant Birthday Dinner on the Water in Mystic

I'd like to take my wife out for her birthday dinner after a stroll around Old Mystic.

She loves to sit by the water, so an outside seating would be nice.

$20-30 entrees OK by me!


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  1. not a lot of places, surprisingly, with seating right on the water, and the ones that are aren't really "elegant."
    right near the river are two of the nicest restaurants in town, though--Bravo Bravo (on Main St. just east of the bridge) and Capt. Daniel Packer Inne (on Water St, on the west side of the bridge off of Main St). you could certainly stroll to either and be right near the water.
    otherwise, Abbott's!

    1. I'd suggest going a bit further into Westerly. The Up River Cafe has THE most beautiful outdoor seating right on a river. Not sure if they'd give their large table away for a party of 2 (I think it seats 6 or 8?) but if you go on an off-night they might. It sits off by itself, shaded by pretty. And I love the food there. See menus here:

      I seem to be in a minority here but I didn't like Abbotts at all. I didn't even think they did a good job w/the basics (chowder etc). And unless they've changed it from my visit years ago, you sat at picnic tables.....nothing elegant about it.

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        Ditto JaneRI - and you can't walk from Mystic to Abbott's in Noank -- well you could but its a hike. :)

        If you don't mind spending the dinero on ok food and not eating in Mystic - Skipper's Dock has an amazing view of Stonington Harbor (its not called the dock for nothing) and its much more "elegant" than Abbott's (and better food IMHO).

      2. Well, we went to Azu in Mystic after getting a locals recomendation.
        Not on the water, not "elegant", but very, very good food and a very cool atmosphere.
        Wifey was impressed and thought it was a great time.
        To satisfy the water need, we strolled and strolled some more by the water.

        Thanks to all who commented. We plan on going back and heard other positve feedback about Bravo Bravo. I think that's next.


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          Not a fan of the Bravo Bravo ... but its more personality/cleanliness thing than the food... I'd try Daniel Packer Inn