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Ile St Louis, Paris recommendations

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We got a recommendation of a oplace in Ile St Louis neighborhood
Nos Ancetres Les?

Anyone heard of it

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  1. Ya, it's Nos Ancètres Les Gaulois and i've included the location here. it's a bit of a production because, well, that's the idea, and though many tourists go, last time i went (about 3 years ago) it was still good. there's a prix fixe menu and they give you a huge basket of crudites to start and you'll probably end up spending your whole evening there. i'd rec trying to go during a weeknight or later in the night so you can avoid crowds.

    HOWEVER, if you're heading to ile st louis, i'd rec going to Mon Vieil Ami instead; it's much more reflective of the great food coming out of France these days.

    Nos Anc
    39, Rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile, 75004 4

    Mon Vieil Ami
    4, Rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile, 75004 4

    1. i think Ze Kitchen Gallerie is on this side - we loved it

      1. People don't go to Nos Ancetres Les Gaulois for the quality of the food, they go there for the 'party', since it's a boisterous eat-all-you-can-eat, drink-all-you-can-drink, communal tables sort of place.

        The food is not very good, but there's lots of it. The wine they serve is plonk, but there's lots of it. But people love this place because of its festive, medieval theme. You might love this or you might hate this, but at least you can make a decision on an informed basis.

        1. second mon vieil ami. there's a quite good bakery in the rue saint louis en l'ile, with great pains au chocolat. Isami a renowned fancy japanese. ON the left bank, la rotisserie du beaujolais, chez rene, le petit pontoise, bistrot cote mer, all advisable and really close.

          1. We ate at Nos Ancètres Les Gaulois our last night in Paris....what a way to end the trip. As much as I was trying to have excellent food at every meal, my non-Chowhound husband really wanted to go to Nos Ancetres as it looked like a pirate ship through the window. I heaved a quiet sigh and said OK (after all, I'd dragged him all over Paris in search of the best chocolate, etc.) There was something incredibly fun about being in the midst of the raucousness. The food ranged from really good (the assortment of sausages...and the chocolate dessert) to pretty bad (the sides that came with the meal) but the festive atmosphere is what I remember most. There's a guy with a guitar who roams around, singing French folk songs (and probably drinking songs, too)...everyone at the table next to us knew all the songs, and sang along with gusto. We couldn't help but clap along and try to catch some of the words and sing along, too. The meal starts off with a huge basket of crudites and then an all-you-want buffet of salads and saucissons (sausages, salamis and the like) which were quite good.

            If you want something really different that's not a bistro and not haute cuisine, this is a good place for that, but put aside high food expectations first.

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              The description sounds just like another place on the Ile..Sargeant Recruiters. Which was heaving with loud tourists when I stayed nearby last fall....can these places be related?

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                I'm pretty sure they are next door to each other.

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                  They aren't next door to each other, but they are fairly closely situated, just down the street a bit.

                  And yes, they are quite similar in terms of food, atmosphere, etc.

              2. Last time I was in Paris (two years ago) I discovered a real gem on rue Saint Louis en I'Ile. Le Tastevin. The food would probably be described as "traditional" but it was prepared beautifully. Very friendly atmosphere and prices seemed pretty reasonable to me at the time.

                1. In my opinion, Mon Vieil Ami is by far, your best choise in Ile St Louis. The quality, attention to detail, creativity, professionalism, and pure enjoyment, creates a wonderful feeling of abundance. But, everything is of course, a matter of personal taste.

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                  1. Thanks for the last rec on Ile St Louie -- Mon Vieil Ami. I'm always adding to my list. Hoping to get back to Paris in January.

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                        We're reacquainting ourselves with Mon Vieil Ami on our return visit to Paris this September – with the Michelin * restaurants we visited last time (and Le Pamphlet), Mon Vieil Ami was up there with out favourite restaurants in Paris.

                        Come to think of it, I’d have rather eaten a second time at Mon Vieil Ami than the night we spent at Le Cinque – the food there was good but not worth the price. Even with the little stool for the purse.

                    1. Very disappointing to say the least. The food was mediocre but quite expensive compared to other Parisien restaurants. But the worst was they way 2 waiter's treated the Japanese couple next to us. As I understand french I found it shockingly racist.

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                        Are you referring to Nos Ancetres? It is transcendentally touristy in the transcendentally touristy Ile St Louis.
                        Or Mon Vieil Ami? Or Taste-vin ? Or eant Recruiter? Please specify.
                        Again, I suggest that everyone who is serious about food to get out of the 8 central arrondissements. You will still be in Paris. Wherever you are, it will still ooze charm. Paris public transport is ace. No one bothers to mug you. And you will have a much better chance of eating well among "natives".
                        Last but not least, it is not about elitism. It is about eating well, which is all we care about.
                        In the hip, outlying 'hoods, the Japanese are the chefs constituting the latest trend of inventive Paris food scene. Nobody disses them, au contraire.

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                          "transcendentally touristy"
                          As romantic and quaint as the Ile is, and 45 years ago I even stayed there a couple of times. Alas, since Souphie and others' recs in 2007 of Vieil Ami, I think it's dived; the Sergent Recruiteur, however, successfully recovered from CPR and PT and is now good.

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                            "Again, I suggest that everyone who is serious about food to get out of the 8 central arrondissements."
                            N'importe quoi. No Chez l'Ami Jean for you, I guess. :p

                            1. re: souphie

                              And no Dans les Landes either (all for me then!).

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                                Just shoot me now. You. And you.
                                And please don't tell the Big J.