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Jul 21, 2007 09:05 AM


Can you use old fashioned cast iron pan on an electric stove with a glass top? I always used mine on a gas range, and loved it. I don't want to scratch the surface on this stove. What do you electric stove owners do?

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  1. I use them.I don't see that hey are prone to scratching any more than any other pan.

    It works best if it has a flat bottom. Some have a ring on the bottom, so they don't make great contact with the stove top.

    I hate my glass top stove. If I replace it with an electric stove, I will get the old fashilned kind with circular burnere

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    1. re: sarge

      Thanks for that answer. I am going to give it a try. It's been a challenge switching from gas to electric.

    2. I have a flat top...which I hate...but I use my cast iron skillet, dutch oven, and grill/griddle on it and I have no problems...BUT take care to not just throw it down on the glass top as is easy to do with heavy pans like that. I have heard of the glass top cracking before due to carelessness with cast iron. Use it and enjoy!!

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        Glass cook tops can shatter without abuse. I have a sealed 5 burner GE Monogram GAS cooktop that shattered while I was cleaning it. Next house no glass cooktops electric or gas. It was over a month getting it replaced