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Midtown burgers for gang of 15 year old girls

Can anyone recommend a good place to take my niece and 4 friends for pre-concert hamburgers?

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      Great suggestion on Burger Joint. If they enjoy outdoor, they can always go to Shake Shack. =)

    2. Island Burger on 9th ave between 50th and 51st (?)... small, and cash only, but cute with a surfer/isalnd motif and a long list of burgers. Even more importantly, it's all delicious.

      1. Burger Heaven -- there are a few of them mid-town. Not pretentious, fine for a big (chatty) group, and you won't flinch when the check comes. Be sure to ask for their red relish!


        1. J.G. Melon's on 3rd and 74th. A little bit outta the way but trust me, it's the right place for 15 year-old girls as that's where all the one's I knew in HS (not so long ago) went.

          1. Agree with Burger Joint

            1. Either Burger Joint or Burger Heaven (there's one at 42nd and 9th.)

              1. brgr, if burger joint is too packed

                1. jackson hole has great cheap burgers...imnot sure how fun it ll be for a bunch of girls tho

                  1. I also recommend Burger Heaven. You can always get a seat, the burgers are quite good and so are the soups as well as the french fries. I don't know where your concert is but Burger Heaven has a few locations close to Radio City Music Hall.


                    1. Shake Shack if they are trendy, shiny happy teenagers. My nieces go crazy over the place, and the shakes!

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                        Stone Crow in the village is a fun bar with great burgers and a fun atmosphere (pool table)