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Jul 21, 2007 09:02 AM

Midtown burgers for gang of 15 year old girls

Can anyone recommend a good place to take my niece and 4 friends for pre-concert hamburgers?

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    1. re: Lucia

      Great suggestion on Burger Joint. If they enjoy outdoor, they can always go to Shake Shack. =)

    2. Island Burger on 9th ave between 50th and 51st (?)... small, and cash only, but cute with a surfer/isalnd motif and a long list of burgers. Even more importantly, it's all delicious.

      1. Burger Heaven -- there are a few of them mid-town. Not pretentious, fine for a big (chatty) group, and you won't flinch when the check comes. Be sure to ask for their red relish!

        1. J.G. Melon's on 3rd and 74th. A little bit outta the way but trust me, it's the right place for 15 year-old girls as that's where all the one's I knew in HS (not so long ago) went.

          1. Agree with Burger Joint