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Jul 21, 2007 09:02 AM

Roasted garlic

Does anyone have a recipe for roasted garlic dip? I'd like to do something with it that highlights the garlic and doesn't use it as just another ingredient in something else.. if that makes sense... Other suggestions appreciated.

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  1. you could just mix the garlic with a cheese of choice (goat or feta) and fresh herbs/salt/pepper/red pepper/lemon juice in the food processor and see if you like that.

    i've also seen roasted garlic served whole with soft cheeses - so people can just pop some cheese on their cracker/bread and then pop a clove out of the whole garlic bulb. that's really delicious.

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      I agree it's delicious (I might eat all of my garlic like that before it gets to my guests!) but I've found that if people haven't tried garlic that way, they are hesitant to taste it. So I thought a dip might ease people into it.