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Jul 21, 2007 08:35 AM

ketchup in west hollywood: brief review

Went to ketchup last night with a friend from work and our significant others. I chose Ketchup mainly because it would be equidistant between the two of our neighborhoods.

Things I liked about Ketchup: atmosphere, decor, view and our dining companions. The restaurant is super mod, clean and white with lots of bright red accents. Super fun! The view in both the bar and restaurant was gorgeous! In the bar you get a panoramic view of the west hollywood hills and in the restaurant there is a gigantic picture window they slide open revealing a slightly smaller view of the same hills. as the sun set we got to watch the colors and the view change. Really a beautiful effect. I have to add that the cocktails were excellent quality and the staff was very friendly. Great people watching, young hip clientele, lots of beautiful people enjoying their friday evening.

Things I did not like about Ketchup: the food. Really, so mediocre. Two of us had the luxury kobe filet, cooked just like I asked medium rare but served under an appropriate temperature and the lobster mashed potatoes had barely a trace of lobster. i MAYBE saw just a couple hints of pink. Our other two dining partners had the scallops, which came about 10 minutes prior to the steak, lukewarm and my husband said not fantastic. I also tasted the tuna tartare one of us had as an appetizer and it was extremely so-so.

I will not be visiting Ketchup again, but must admit we had a lovely time.

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  1. That is truly a disappointment to hear. I was looking forward to making my way over to that area just for this restaurant. However, if your taste is similar to mine, this definately discourages me. I might go instead for the view and great atmosphere. Thanks for the heads up and a truthful review.

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      go in for a cocktail and an appetizer in the lounge. you can get the experience without laying out the cash for something mediocre. the view and the atmosphere are definitely worth the trip and 50 bucks.

    2. All reports are indicating that this is a great bar but a terrible restaurant.

      1. I also had a very nice time at Ketchup last Saturday. Went for the meal in the lounge, where we had the table overlooking Sunset with the 2nd floor view, terrific. Staff was nice, appetizer food was fine (sliders, buffalo wings), the fries, coated with parmesan cheese, were very good. The ketchup sampler (mango, chipotle, ranch, maple, and regular) was fun but not overwhelming. $20/person with Sierra Nevada beer, $10 parking (Ashton does not validate). Not sure I'd go back unless I wanted to bring an out-of-town person there because of the high prices, but a great and fun atmosphere.

        1. This is the worst restaurant ever in the Dolce group's clan.

          Pretzel breadsticks: Overly salty, clearly leftover from the previous day
          Kobe sliders: Dry and lacking ketchup, overpowered by equally dry bun
          Mac & cheese with truffles: Smelled like feet
          Mini chicken tacos: Approximately 1.5 inches long, dry chicken, mushy shell
          BBQ pork ribs: Uninventive sauce

          I will only be back for fries and cocktails!
          Apple pie: So-so. It was good, but nothing like mom used to make.
          Key lime tart: Overwhelmingly tarty, although consistency was nice