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Jul 21, 2007 07:35 AM

Any restaurants with a view of the Cira Centre?

I could sit and watch the light show on the skin of the Cira Centre for hours? Are there any restaurants yet that take advantage of this, my favorite Philadelphia view?

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  1. I woudl think Bistro St Tropez (in the Marketplace Design Center) might, if the angle is right. Thank you.

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    1. re: Bride of the Juggler

      Good idea. I called there once, and I think they told me there were two particularly good tables. Unfortunately, they were booked that night. I haven't been back to Phila. since.

      Something I realized eventually is that if there were a restaurant close enough for a great view, you might not be able to see the light show as well from the road.

      Still, along the river, facing westward...

      I'm helping plan a birthday party for a friend later this year. We're doing it at Rae. I've eaten there once, and really liked it. Wish there were a way to take in the view and the meal simultaneously.

    2. I don't think this is what you're after, but there are a million food vendors in 30th Street Station and some of them are really good (like the one that has Black Southern cooking - yum). There are tables where you can sit down and eat, or just drink your coffee and I bet some of them have views of the Cira Centre.

      My son loves that building, too - we call it The Blue Light Building. I love it when out-of-towners appreciate Philadelphia! :-) Have a great time!

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      1. re: Mawrter

        You know, that's an even better idea than what I had in mind. It's cheap, and I'm not necessarily in a sit-down-dinner mood every time I'm in a Cira Centre mood.

        Your son has good taste.

        1. re: Jay F

          Thanks! He's 4. He would suggest the fish cakes, sweet potato and collard greens with porky pot liquor. Comes with buttered corn bread, all for about $10. It sounds high, but then you realize how much food it is, and how good. We have trouble eating it all *between* us, and we're both really big eaters.

      2. I wonder whether you might be able to see it from the terrace at Waterworks?

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          1. re: Jay F

            behind the Art Museum- take kelly drive past the art museum, turn left at the first light. It sits over the river. If you can't see it from there, after your meal there you could likely climb the steps/hill to the back of the art museum and see it from there.

            1. re: Bigley9

              yeah, and there are beautiful gardens w/ benches @ PMA