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Dec 26, 2005 05:59 PM

Looking for a restaurant or bar serving a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

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My friend's b-day wish is to have a tasty buffalo chicken sandwich. Or boneless buffalo chicken strips. He has apparently tried 2 places, one at Momo's in SOMA and another at Red Robin in Foster City. Can you recommend me any places in San Francisco? Thank you!!

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  1. Well its not a Buffalo chicken sandwich, and its not in SF. However, Bakesale Betty in Oakland (corner of Telegraph and 51st) does an excellent fried chicken sandwich. Get that open it up, put some Crystal hot sauce (they don't have the hot sauce so you will need to provide your own) on the chicken. That sandwich will probably be better than anything you will find somewhere else. The chicken is fresh, juicy, and it comes with a lemon/vinegar slaw. The hot chicken, cool crisp slaw and hot sauce would probably be pretty darn good.

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      The chicken is served room temperature, not hot. It was an ok sandwich, but it isn't going to satisfy a Bufallo Chicken craving. Sorry not to have a rec though.

    2. There's Buffalo Burger on 17th & Geary in the Richmond that has good Buffalo wings. They have chicken breast sandwiches with buffalo wing sauce as well. Bar None on Union has good wings - i'm sure you can get them to make chicken strips with just the sauce.

      1. The closest I can think of is the buffalo chicken pizza at the Extreme Pizza chain. I actually like it, and it really comes close to "Buffalo chicken" with its Buffalo-wing-like hot sauce and blue cheese. And they serve beer and have seating, so you could actually make a decent evening out it.

        1. Little Lucca's on El Camino in San Bruno. Very big sandwhich, almost the size of your thigh. (length, width, and height combined)