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Jul 21, 2007 06:18 AM

Flying Fish, Savannah

Had to go deliver piece of furniture to Wilmington Island yesterday, and as long as I was there, went to beach, and then thought lunch. Remembered recommendation for the Flying Fish right in my path, perfect! Or not so perfect -- see this: which I found minutes before I left.

So I ditched that idea this time (no meal should be wasted). So tell me for my next venture if these reviews/comments are accurate, or if you all here are correct?

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  1. I've been several times and always thought it was very good.

    I note that that link is to the Savannah Newspaper Blog. Savannah people are notorious for trying to submarine attack their neighbors. The poster Frigidare is likely a competitor or has some other hidden agenda against the owners.

    I lived in Savannah for over forty years and I can honestly say the people there are some of the most difficult, sniping people I have ever found

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    1. re: sarge

      Thanks Sarge -- I've heard that about my neighbors in the south (although I will say that as far as Lady and Sons go, another favorite target, they are correct). So next trip thence, I'll stop and see for myself. And report back of course.

      1. re: birgator

        I note two things about frigidares complaint. First, he is too lazy to use the shift key for capitilization. That tell's you something.

        Second, his first complaint is that he saw the owner standing behind the bar drinking a beer. Is that really a negative; that the owner will share a cold one with his paying customers. Unless he's falling down drunk, I see that as a positive. This complaint indicates some personal agenda to me.

    2. We are headed to Tybee Island in a few weeks for a birthday getaway, and Flying Fish is on our list, as is AJ's Dockside. I would love any suggestions for dining in the area, as I haven't been to Savannah in 10 years.

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      1. re: potterybliss

        Just saw the other posts re: nonchains, so I think my question is answered. I'll post back with our experiences.