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Jul 21, 2007 05:29 AM

Jelly Donuts or Sticky Buns, Ocean City, Md?

Other than Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts -- is there a good bakery around? Or in nearby Delaware? Sometimes you just want a great jelly donut or sticky bun and we haven't found a good place yet....anyone know of any? It seems all bakeries have gone the way of supermarkets.

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  1. hey shopgirl Igrew up in that area but its been a while since I have been back. in 03 when i was there last there was a family owned donut shop in the area around the gold coast mall on the bay side but i cant remember the name .

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    1. re: mark the butcher

      I've heard that The Fractured Prune on about 28th street makes fresh (pick your own filing and topping) doughnuts. I can't vouch for them because I don't eat doughnuts but I've heard great things....

      1. re: sasiegel

        Thanks "mark" and "sasiegel." I've made note of them and we'll check 'em out! Enjoy your summer!

      2. re: mark the butcher

        The donut shop in Gold Coast is not longer there. But the good news is that The Fractured Prune has multiple locations--one on 28th St. and another on 125th (next to The Hair Cuttery). I believe they are also expanding to Rehoboth.

      3. Griff's Bakery, Rt.1 in Bethany. Everything homemade, the jelly donuts and the cinnamon buns are family favorites. They make a great cake as well.

        1. Delvecchio's Bakery located on Route 54, in the Bayville Shopping Center. It's about 2 miles from the beach (turn on to Route 54 from Coastal Highway at the Maryland/Delaware line in Fenwick). Great fresh baked goodies.

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            Now we're getting someplace! I looked up Fractured Prune and they only sell regular donuts which you can put toppings of your choice on. I'm looking more for a good old fashioned jelly donut. Thanks Felixnot and mbhebert. I'll try to find both of these on our way into OC.

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              I second DeVecchios. They are the best and last year they had HUGE eclairs and cream puffs. I swear they feed eight generously.

              1. re: whirledpeas

                DelVecchio's is closed now. :( But John is the Head Baker at The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe in Rehoboth.

            2. Sticky buns: Dirty Harry's, about a block or two north of the border in Fenwick Island. While Fractured Prune only has the basic cake donut, glaze and top it just right and you'll forget you ever wanted a jelly donut after just one bite.

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              1. re: tubman

                I agree; one bite of a Fractured Prune, and you will be DONE!
                Nothing melts in your mouth quite the way these do!

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