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Jul 21, 2007 04:51 AM



I need some suggestions for lunch somewhere between LAX and Malibu. Our final destination is Pasadena, so I know this takes us a bit out of the way, but I do so love the PCH!!! Any suggestions are welcome...........mainly looking for sandwich, salad,seafood.........casual!!


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    1. re: russkar

      Neptune's Net at Ventura County Line

      1. re: russkar

        what do you like at gladstone's?

        1. re: budlit

          Ocean Air
          Ease of Parking
          Drinks are OK and they have $10- corkage for wine if you bring some.
          Food is Hit and Miss. Oysters, Fish Sandwich, Choco Cake are good, otherwise beware!

          1. re: russkar

            more miss than hit.......... possibly the worst meal I have ever had (at least the worst LA meal) was at Gladstones.

            1. re: Maxmillion

              The only good thing about Gladstone's is their location. For a much better Gladstone's experience, try Duke's further north on PCH. Great food, drinks, cleaner.

      2. Malibu Seafood or Paradise Cove.

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        1. re: malibumike

          Malibu Seafood! A bit far up, but fun and *very* casual outdoor tables.

          1. re: malibumike

            I would strongly disagree going to the restaurant in Paradise Cove. Besides the fact that you must pay to get into the parking area, the food is mediocre and not worth it. The clam chowder brings back terrible memories of a night I wasn't fond of. However, the fact that it is located on the beach is something positive.

            1. re: lmk33

              The breakfasts are great and you cant replicate the surroundings.

              1. re: lmk33

                The restaurant validates parking for 3 hours. You're right the clam chowder is awful and the food in general is mediocre, but you can't beat that beach!

                1. re: lmk33

                  Yes, definitely mediocre food at Paradise Cove with a not-so-mediocre price tag.

              2. Duke's is really pleasant for lunch. Great views, good food if you like fish. They also have salads, burgers, fish sandwiches/tacos, etc. at lunch. It's probably about $12-15 pp for lunch which for the view isn't bad. Paradise cove is nice too and right on the beach. But, we've had better luck easily getting a table at Duke's on summer weekends, vs. an hour plus wait at Paradise Cove. Both are a little on the expensive side for lunch, but very casual.

                1. Drive up PCH, then head over Topanga to Saddle Peak Lodge, then continue over the canyon into the valley over to Pasadena!

                  EDIT: Sorry this suggestion wasn't casual, but so worth it!!!


                  Taverna Tony (you can come here casual)
                  Figtree's Cafe

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                  1. re: Emme

                    Not Topanga Canyon -- Malibu Canyon Rd. to Piuma Rd.

                  2. Malibu Seafood is good. Or, if you want something closer to LAX so you can hop on the 10 and head east, you can try Back on the Beach. I confess I haven't been here yet, but its right on the beach - literally - in the sand. I'm sure they'll have the sandwich - salad - burger menu that's casual and inexpensive. It's on PCH just north of the California Incline, just south of the contruction they're doing at 415 PCH.

                    Another favorite place of mine is Cholada Thai - great Thai food on PCH just north of Topanga Canyon Blvd.

                    Or go for a little pricier and try Charthouse, Moonshadows, or Dukes - these, too, are more about the view than the food, but I think they're way better than Gladstones.

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                    1. re: gsw

                      I haven't been to Gladstones in a long time but the seafood is fresh and the location is right on the beach. I always got the raw oysters. It can be a bit of a scene.

                      1. re: gsw

                        I've read bad review of Gladstone's, but had a memorable lunch there (while my car was being fixed down the road). Don't remember the food, but the sea air, seagulls, full tummy were great for de-stressing, and the silly foil animals they packed the leftovers in were kicky. Ain't just food that makes the meal.

                        1. re: gsw

                          Back on the Beach is a great lunch place, salad, burgers etc (the breakfast pasta is delicious), literally right on the beach, I mean the tables are set in the sand :)