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Jul 20, 2007 11:53 PM

SEA: Sully's Tavern on Queen Anne

Sully's Tavern (Tavern?) is a new bar/restaurant up in the old Sapphire/Q spot on Queen Anne Hill (1625 Queen Anne Ave. N) Sorry to the owners if the name is wrong. I tried it and I like it a lot. It's a fun, neighborhood bar -- not the Paragon-type thankfully, not the Betty-type, but a place to kick back, have a burger and watch the game. We had the fried chicken, the pork chop and a couple of mojitos. It was delicious (better fried chicken than the 5-spot down the street) though I thought the sweet potato fries were just ok. The staff was really nice and attentive. We sat at the sidewalk tables because for me the music is too loud for dining, but to each their own. We also found out that Sully is 2 years old. Definitely too short to see over the bar.

Their kitchen is open until 11 -- which is truly great speaking as someone often left only with the 5-spot or Jai Thai as an option past 10. I encourage people to check it out, try other things on their menu and report back.

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  1. We tried it....meh. But will give them a little more time to work out some kinks and we'll definitely go back in a month. The owners are young and ambitious, and hopefully, Sully's will make it in what's proven to be a very difficult space.

    1. Is this place related to Sully's Snow Goose, on Greewood near the zoo?

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        No relation to Sully's Snow Goose. They were originally going to name it Lucky's but thankfully changed it due to mistaken identity with Mr Lucky's, the infamous nightclub by the arena. Not sure how they came up with Sully's though Skyla refers to it being a two year old something or other!

      2. So, I went by there this weekend around 8, and I was so wrong about it not being the Paragon-type. It is. In fact it's more like the twenty-something clubs in pioneer square complete with a gaggle of girls dressed for the clubs standing outside and smoking. It's not for me and I hope this isn't a trend, but it could be something that other people are looking for on Queen Anne.

        One thing is clear, if you want to try the food, don't go on the weekends.

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          Went there and tried the "lamb sliders", Hush Puppies and Mac&Cheese. All of which I thought were really good. The Sliders were mini burgers that had a lot of flavor. Great atmosphere and the bartenders were more than competent and Energetic. Definitely a great option from the Paragon's and Peso's types of Seattle. At one point however I did ask if they could lower the music, and they were more than happy to oblige my request.

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            If it's too loud, you're too old, etc. :)

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Went last night to watch Oregon lose. We had the mac & cheese, cheese-steak, sweet potato fries and sliders. I like the atmosphere and would go back, if i weren't moving. It's a nice, clean and dark bar that serves good, almost 'home-like' food. The mac and cheese is a sweet deal at $6 for a pretty good sized bowl. It needed salt but otherwise was very tasty. The sweet potato fries were delicious as the cheese-steak was good as well. It's NOT a traditional cheese-steak, but rather almost a steak stroganoff with peppers in a french roll. I think that's why I say it's more like a home meal.

            The sliders were the only mixed bag. They were tasty, but rather dry and small, especially for the $10/price. The thing about lamb is that it is pretty lean so you have to cook it perfectly or it just dries out and mine were overcooked. They did have a good flavor though and I still enjoyed them, just not as much as the other things.

            I think it's a nice addition to the stuff on Queen Anne and would probably be my pick for a few beers and dinner with friends or drinks if I wanted to stay on top of Queen Anne.