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Jul 20, 2007 09:52 PM

Brother Jimmy's near Penn Station?

Hey Guys,
I saw some old Brother Jimmy's postings but they seem to be from quite a few years back. Ok, I live near Penn and I don't love the mid range food options near me. I noticed Brother Jimmy's and I was wondering if it's worth it. I don't need a great restaurant but a decent pulled pork sandwich would be a great addition to our hood. Enlighten me and sorry if I'm missing more recent posts. I really did a search!

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  1. As Brother Jimmy's, it's very new. I'm not even sure if that one's open yet. I work in this hood, so I walk by it occasionally... haven't done so in about a week though.

    Anyway, the other one that I've been to is the UES location. It's okay. I don't want to start the age-old RUB/BlueSmoke/Hill-Country argument... it's nowhere near as good as those. But as long as you keep your expectations in check, it should be just fine for you.

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      Brother Jimmy's on UES actually has pretty good ribs, some of the best I have had in NYC (although that's not saying much). Better than RUB and Blue Smoke. It can be pretty loud and crowded in the restaurant though. I also generally like Daisy May's, Dinosaur, and Virgil's (for lamb, not ribs).

    2. it's the same old bro jimmy's like all the rest. food's fine, nothing amazing. i was there last week, had pulled chicken sandwich which was large and satisfying although a bit over sauced. it's good to have another option in that hood, for pre-gaming before MSG events, etc.

      also, there's a whole upsatairs dining room there, which is all open w/windows on 2 sides, so it's nice and bright during the day

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        I used to go to the Bro Jimmy's on the uws all the time before I moved to the midtown south area. The new one tastes the exact same as the uws one & is delicious- one of my fav bbq places in the city. The buffalo wings/fingers are excellent as is the bbq chicken.

      2. Where is the Penn Station location?

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