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Jul 20, 2007 08:29 PM

chinese-russian border: what to look for

going there in August. Likely Hei He or someplace similar. First time to China. As i don't know the exact town yet, was hoping someone could give me a heads up on regional specialties. Is the food influenced by Russia at all? Is there anything i should be getting excited about?

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  1. My brother-in-law was "sent down" during the Cultural Revolution to Xunhe on the Heilongjiang River (guarding against Russian invaders, apparently) and for long stretches of time had little to eat other than wo wo tou, a kind of rustic muffin made from millet. Not something to get excited about, but Zhou En-lai, in what may have ben reverse snobbery, professed to be a connoisseur of the humble pastry ;-)

    1. I just got back from Heihe 10 days ago (my third visit there).
      The chinese food is very "Dongbei" style over there, i.e. northern style food, as you might expect. There are some Russian restaurants as well (I think Korean, too), but I did not try those. Their menus had pictures of the dishes they serve, but nothing enticed me so I stuck with Chinese food during my entire stay. I did not noticed any "crossover" between Chinese and Russian food at all.
      May I ask: where are you visting from?