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Jul 20, 2007 07:31 PM

Brunch at Perilla?

Does anyone know whether Harold Dieterle's restaurant, Perilla, is now serving brunch? If they are, menu details welcomed.

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  1. I don't think they are. I live on the block and have been keeping an eye on the posted menu. For now, it's just dinner. I believe at one point there was a note that brunch would be added in the near future.

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      A belated thanks to you, Erin07, for your response. I suspected that the internet rumor I had read might not be accurate, and appreciate your info as someone who lives in the neighborhood.

      FYI, according to the item below, which sounds as though it plausibly comes via Harold's partner, Alicia, Perilla plans to offer brunch in the fall:

      1. re: intuitive eggplant

        It's open now. I had Brunch at Perilla last Saturday. I'm not sure when they started serving it, but they are now open for weekend brunches. The French toast and duck burger were both great. So was the bacon. Desserts were decadent Harold was walking around chatting with people. It was all very casual.

        1. re: BW212

          Around what time did you go and was there a wait? I've been to Perilla for dinner twice and loved it and am looking forward to checking out brunch.

          1. re: JennS

            We just wandered over to see if they were doing brunches yet. We didn't have a reservation. I think it was around one or two and had no trouble getting a table. The woman at the front told us that people don't realize that they've finally started serving brunch (I guess Perilla JUST started in the past few weeks), so for now it's easier to get a table then than at dinner time.

            The food is much lighter and less gourmet for brunch than dinner. (brunchy type stuff). But it is still delicious.

          2. re: BW212

            Never been to the restaurant but would like to go. How does the brunch duck burger compare to the duck meatballs on the regular menu?

            1. re: guttergourmet

              It's a completely different experience. I'm not sure if the duck burger is exactly the same meat, but the preparation is different (no broth etc). Both are delicous.

              Brunch there is a very nice brunch.

              Dinner there is a really special experience. If you've been wanting to go, I'd start with a dinner first.

      2. I had the brunch yesterday, and though the cuban sandwich and duck burger were very good, the menu offered very few selections overall, and there were no appetizers. Dinner is much more interesting and varied. If they expand the brunch menu I would try it again.

        1. Had brunch at Perilla today. Stopped in at 11:30am, and the restaurant was mostly empty but it started to fill up by the time we'd left. The atmosphere is classy with nice lighting fixtures and cozy booths. They have fresh flowers everywhere. There is also a coat check, and they were playing quiet jazz during our meal. We also spotted Harold milling around towards the end of our meal. Our party was incomplete and they seated us anyway, which was nice.

          I really enjoyed my poached eggs on biscuits and gravy with sausage, but the eggs were cooked through, not runny at all. It was a smaller portion size but somehow not too heavy, so ended up being perfect. My boyfriend liked his brioche french toast with honey crisp apples. Not the best in the city but well done, and accompanied by a knockout raisin rum maple syrup compote. The Indian smoked bacon was thin and crispy, but I didn't detect any "Indian"-ness to it. My friend's duck burger was very good, and the spiced fries (a little thicker cut than shoestring) it came with had a nice kick, and were addictive.

          Overall, it was a pleasant, cozy experience, with good but not great food. However, the restaurant itself is very quiet and roomy, which is a nice change. And it was very easy to get reservations.