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Jul 20, 2007 07:11 PM

Mieng Kahm in Los Angeles??

Anyone know where I can get some Mieng Kahm in Los Angeles? For anyone who's not had it, mieng kahm, is a beautifully presented appetizer of toasted coconut, lime, ginger, peanuts and thai chilies wrapped in emerald bai cha plu leaves. Absolutely wonderful, had it in Bangkok and Seattle, but no luck so far in LA.


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  1. I don't remember seeing it on offer in any L.A. area restaurants--which is no surpise, really, given the nature/origin of this dish--but you might try Silom Market on a Saturday or a Sunday. I know that there is a consigment vendor that delivers freshly-made "M.R.E.-style" miang kham, amongst other things, on those days. I'm no fan of miang kham so I cannot vouch for it myself, but I *can* attest to the high quality of many of these special offerings. In fact, I've been known to make a special trip on weekends just to pick some of these things up. My own top billing probably goes to the kaeng tai plaa (spicy, Southern Thai-style fish kidney curry with shrimp). It's brilliant.

    At any rate, and while I am on the subject of Silom Market, any hardcore naam phrik (Thai-style "dip") and yam (Thai-style "salad") fans reading along should be sure to check out the large array of freshly-prepared goodies which are delivered from Thailand each week. The lineup includes an exceptional naam phrik het (mushroom "dip") and what is very likely the *only* commercially-available yam hawy dawng (blood cockle "salad") in the U.S.

    NB The labeling on many of these items is only written in Thai, so unless you can read Thai like me, you'll probably need some help.

    Silom Market
    5321 Hollywood Blvd.