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Jul 20, 2007 07:10 PM

Rockin Ribfest is a SHAM!

I was talking to the lady who owns the Premiere Palette today, and I mentioned that I had attended the Rockin Ribfest to her, and she told me that they tried to apply last year to enter the contest, and told her that registration closed in November, so this year she applied in October, and they strung her along for months and then eventually admitted in January that they always went with the same vendors and she would be unable to enter unless one of those decided to drop out!

This isn't a matter of space, because they only used about half the space available, and of that only a quarter of the space they did use was actually dedicated to ribs.

I went to the Ribfest thinking I was going to sample some of the best ribs in the country, and I was dissapointed with what I got. I also noticed a distinct lack of local rib places attending.

Now I know why!

You'd think it would be easy to get a good beer at an event held at a brewery. Not so! You had to go through no less than three steps at three seperate booths to finally get your small $2 cup of beer.

I won't be returning next year.

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  1. We have NEVER attended the ribfest. It's a farce. Everyone I know that has gone has done so once and did not enjoy it at all. The only people who go every year are the rednecks who don't know any better.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I almost went.
      Brewery?, Beer factory.

      1. That's too bad, I've never gone either but always think about it. I certainly won't go now, finding out my favorite can't get in. I love Premier Palette and the folks there from Manchester. Those in control are obviously worried they'll walk away with first prize. Someone should start a new one, a real one.

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          While it's a bit of a drive, I can recommend the Harpoon Brewery BBQ fest this upcoming weekend in VT - it's just south of White River Junction of Rt 91 . It's the New England Championships, so the level of competition is high and attracts some teams from far away . Desite what the website says, more than a few teams sell food to the public - the three times I have gone, I would say over half the teams sell food . There are also some very well done demos of how to BBQ various kinds of meat and several vendors selling various sauces, etc . There is also a strongman competition on Saturday that's fun to watch .

          As far as being able to enter, I think for this one teams have to have qualified in other comps before before being allowed to enter .

          On a side note, went to Premier Pallette for the first time about a month ago . Holy Cow ! I'd drive an hour just for the Mac-n-cheese, let alone the BBQ.

        2. I didnt go this year but have been in the past. Thereare 2 different things. One there is a vendor area where you can buy/sell food, these people are not in the contest and are just vendors. They pay to setup and sell there and it has nothing to do with them being the best, or even good for that matter.

          Two there is an area of contest people, these are the people who are being judged and they are not allowed to sell any food. They can be individuals or businesses , etc.. So when i went in the past, i too was disapointed i couldnt sample items from the people who were going for the contest.

          Sounds to me like she is blending the 2 together and maybe a bit confused? You mention "same vendors" but then you also mention "contest" and they are both 2 different things. I can understand them limiting the number of vendors and giving the ones who have supported it in previous years first dibs. The contest anyone can enter, but again, you cant vend... Sounds to me she wanted to do both?

          Here is the info on the contest part, anyone can enter, they run this all over the country. they have very strict rules for judges and contestants.

          The vendor part has nothing to do with the contest part and is purely up to the host of the contest, in this case Budweiser. They can have whomever they want vend and can charge them whatever they want to do so.

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          1. Yea pretty much. We felt the same way when we went. But i wanted to clarify that its a sham from the public perspective as far as being able to try anything in the contest. But the contest itself isnt a sham, its really serious business among them. Your just going to be able to buy from vendors and watch the contest people cook... If you read the promotion page it basically says this. The vendors are on the top of the page and then on the bottom it talks about the contest. Then it says that the public can vote for "best vendor at the eventw" which is basically nothing. The real contest is voted on by judges..

            Here is the contest part, notice it says attendees can "watch" you ... your not tasting/eating any of that!