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Jul 20, 2007 06:56 PM

Cafe Mirage ... I'm worried

I just got home from Dinner at Cafe Mirage and we assumed it was an off night. Sloppy service, a chopped salad made entirely with iceberg lettuce (YUK), forgot the salad dressing. shrimp cocktail with the smallest shrimp I have ever seen (think Saucy Shrimp Cocktail) , the people next to us had mussels - broth was cold and there was no bowl for the shells, our bread never came out.

I read a number of recent reviews and found that others have had similar experience.

I have been a loyal FAN of Cafe Mirage since it opened, they are very decent and hardworking people who also turn out really good food....
Please tell me this was an off night!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear your report, since as I posted on an earlier thread, last time my husband and I were there we had a really bad experience. My husband's steak was tiny and full of gristle. The chicken curry dish, which had been an old standby of mine there, was awful. Service was very sloppy, and we had to wait forever for our check. We had also hoped that maybe we'd caught them on a bad night, so it's too bad that they seem to be sliding downhill.

    1. Is this the place that was a converted garage in Port Chester?

      I haven't been there since they expanded. Funny how places seem to go downhill when they expand.

      Sal's pizza in Mamaroneck, be careful.

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        Sal's - what happened to Sal's - it is (was-maybe!?!?) some our favorite local pizza

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          Last I heard, they bought the place next door and were expanding.

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            I think it's suppose to be a gelato place that is attached.

      2. It's interesting to see your post b/c this Spring, when it got nice and warm, my husband and I decided to "give it another shot" at Mirage, having had a sub-par meal there last summer. When we drove by, the place looked closed. Nothing outside and not a car in the lot. We left thinking it had closed down. It was a Friday night. Clearly, they are still in business, since you just ate there, but it seems the place is really on the decline. And, it's not a "cheap" roadside place, despite the fact that when you sit outside, you are indeed, roadside.

        1. I absolutely LOVE the chocolate mousse at Café Mirage. However, the previous two times I ate there for dinner I was really underwhelmed. Flavors were off, food was cooked incorrectly (either too rare or too done) and it was just plain disappointing. Now I only go there for dessert.

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            Although I haven't had it recently ... have you tried the bread and butter pudding with caramel sauce? It is probably the best dessert I have ever tasted in my life! I haven't had the chocolate mousse.
            I agree with tarrytown hound about Palateria Fernandez (they will pack their ice cream pops in ice and ... if you get 10, they give you one for free!) - my family loves the coffee and oreo cookie.

            Still worried about the food at Cafe Mirage ... think we should give them a heads up?

          2. That's funny I was there last night too. It was our first time there. Our experience was better than yours, but I didn't have anything to compare it to.

            My husband and I split the duck quesadilla. He had the curry chicken, which he enjoyed. I had the miso tilapia, which was good, but not great. It had a nice mixture of veggies with it.

            Though I have to tell you, the best part of the night was drivng to Palateria Fernandez for dessert! We had heard good things about it and then saw the write up in Westchester Magazine. It was awesome! I had "Milk and cinnamon" and he had "coffee". The place was crowded and we really enjoyed it!

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              When my husband and I moved to Rye Brook, almost 10 years ago, we heard great things about Cafe Mirage. We went a few times over our first few years here and found it incredibly inconsistent. It was more than the occasional thing on the menu we didn't love or that they apparently didn't so well, it was that we had wonderful food and some incredibly mediocre food. There were good visits and bad visits. After the visit with no running water in the sink in the men's room, my husband just refused to go anymore. Sounds like they're slowly getting worse and worse.