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Best $25 Steak dinner?

Heck, anybody can grill up a great $40.00 steak. But what about a $25.00 steak dinner? And because there are a lot of very witty people on the board, I should clarify:
1. No "tube steak" dinners (though Lord knows I love Carneys)
2. No "chopped steak"dinners.
3. No Halibut steak dinners.

I'm talking old fashioned beef steak though any cut of same is acceptable including prime rib. Is it Damons, or Gaucho, Norms? Is there somewhere I've really been missing out on? Mexican is Ok, but please unless its a "steak", no Korean or other ethnic food where the steak is cut up.

I've got no beef with expensive restaurants, but unless its on an expense account, I say bull to spending that kind of money when I don't feel like dressing up but feel like a steak and don't feel like cooking.

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  1. Taylor's Steakhouse on W. 8 Street near Normandie. Maybe 28 or 30 with tax and tip and includes soup or salad and veg and potato. Fantastic! Love it.

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      I agree with Taylor's. Really good and for the price cant be beat.

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        There are lots of good recommendations here, but with Taylor's, not only do you get a good steak at a great price, but you get the great old-school steakhouse with it. It has the burgundy leatherette booths, wood-paneled walls, waiters in bow ties, all the appropriate steakhouse sides, and a fantastic bar with great drinks at a great price - nothing is stuffy, very laid-back and retro-cool. The bar at Taylor's is a gem, with a hidden little second bar on the landing between the first and second floors open on busier nights, a good place to stop in for a five-dollar cocktail before or after Guelaguetza or Soot Bull Jeep.

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          We took Cynaburst's Mom to Taylor's for her birthday this past Sunday, and we were all pretty delighted with the results. This is not the greatest steak in the world but I was quite satisfied with my tasty and reasonably tender Delmonico, and my mother-in-law was equally pleased with the prime rib. Cynaburst and PayOrPlay Jr. opted for prawns: the cold ones were OK, the grilled ones were very good. As promised by many, the Molly salad is quite addictive, a reminder that iceberg lettuce can indeed be fun to eat if smothered in enough blue cheese and onions.

          The bar is just what you want from an old-school place--they make a mean Manhattan (er, make that two Manhattans) and at the other end of the spectrum PoPJr's Shirley Temple was one of the better (and bigger) ones we've seen around.

          Friendly staff, well versed in dealing with both "demanding" elders and "active" young 'uns. I haven't noticed any other Taylor's post mentioning kids, and it doesn't at first blush seem like a paradigmatical family dinner place, but in fact PoPJr was quite taken with the old-fashioned decor, the charmingly bad art on the walls, the elaborate bar area, etc. And needless to say Cynaburst's Mom appreciated both the old-school approach and the compliant bar, as I hoped when I picked the place.

          With about 8 drinks (half of them with alcohol), a couple of appetizers, and 3 desserts, plus tax and tip, our final tab for 3 adults and one 5 year old came to a bit more than $200, not exactly in the $25pp ballpark but it still felt like an excellent value; and I was at least as happy when I rolled out of Taylor's as I was when 5+1/2 of us went to Cut a few months ago and (even without ordering any "kobe" beef) dropped close to a grand. Thanks to the 'Hounds for getting this place on my radar after so many years.


          Taylor's Steakhouse
          3361 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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            Taylor's no longer includes soup or salad in the dinner price. They also have a second location in La Canada.

            1. re: Sam D.

              Taylor's has/had a special on Wednesdays that includes an 8 ounce rib eye with potato and vegetable, all for $19.95. Don't know if it's gone up or gone away.

          2. Damon's in Glendale!!!! It's an institution. And thier maitai's are killer!

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                1. re: Wes

                  definately agree the tenderloin is great

              1. Mercado Buenos Aires, Saticoy & Sepulveda.
                No alcohol, no BYOB, great steaks.
                You'll get some change after you fork over your 25 bucks.

                1. I hate to admit it, but I had a good prime rib at Black Angus Steakhouse in Northridge. They have a 4-course dinner for two on their regular menu: an appetizer of your choice to share, you each get a salad or soup, you each pick your own entree (which includes prime rib, filet mignon, NY steak, top sirloin...) and you each pick a potato dish. Vegetables are also included, and then you choose a dessert to share.

                  We chose the garlic cheese bread for our appetizer, which was great. My prime rib was seasoned well, and I took 1/2 of it home. The vegetables included baby squash and sweet peas that were perfectly cooked. My sister ordered the sirloin steak, which I wouldn't have ordered. She liked it, but sirloin is generally too tough for my tastes--I like filets. But I took a bite of hers and though the seasoning was very good.

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                    Then you got lucky. I had to eat there 2 weeks ago, someone picked it as their birthday present. The steaks we had were flavorless. If I had been blindfolded, I don't think I could have told it was beef. The vegetables I had were steamed frozen ones - broccoli, cauliflower and gree beans, and my baked potato had either been cooked earlier in the day or the day before then microwaved.

                  2. Does Porterhouse Bistro count?

                    And what about Edwards Steakhouse?

                    Porterhouse Bistro
                    8635 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                    Edward's Steak House
                    9600 Flair Dr, El Monte, CA 91731

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                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Porterhouse steak DINNER below $25?

                      Ipse, the poison has taken a toll on you...


                        1. re: RicRios

                          I second Porterhouse Bistro..(I haven't been since they reopened after their kitchen fire...I assume it's as good as it was?)....the prix fixe menu is a fab deal, especially considering you get two glasses of a fairly decent wine with it....so it may not look like it's a steak dinner for under $25....and if you're celebrating a birthday they give you a "cake" made out of cotten candy!

                      1. If Nook's online menu prices are current, their ribeye is $22 and their hangar steak is $20. Each comes with some accompaniments, though not a salad or starter or dessert. Nook isn't a steakhouse where you are going to get a simply-seasoned slab-o-meat, but their large plates are usually pretty generous.

                        Maybe I just found the answer: Billingsley's. Their menu on menupages.com shows complete steak dinners with soup or salad and sides for under $20, and "steakhouse cut" thicker options for under $25 even for porterhouse or ribeye. Anybody tried it? If it is better tha Petrelli's it is quite a bargain!

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                        1. re: nosh

                          Have you had Billingsley's steaks? Are they any good?

                          1. re: miffy

                            Billingsley's steaks are awful. Went there with my family for a birthday. Everything BUT the steaks was good. Reasonable prices, good service, but distinctly inferior meat. In this case, you get what you pay for.

                            1. re: Jeryy

                              hmmm.. thanks for the tip- DISTINCTLY inferior is not something you should compromise for a steak

                            2. re: miffy

                              I did not care for Billingsley's either.

                              1. re: Wes

                                ooo.. choices are limited here in WLA!

                              2. re: nosh

                                I was there tonight, and it was a generous ribeye. I didn't have it, but two people in the party did and both were very happy. It came with some sort of side and onion rings.

                                1. re: perk

                                  Ok...didn't realize this was an old post.
                                  I was talking about Nook.
                                  And for the record, the ribeye is now $26.

                                  1. re: perk

                                    I love Nook -- the cooking is always good, portions generous, and a very good value. I've been intrigued by the rib-eye but "mustard-maple glazed"??? Perk -- did your friends find the glaze very pronounced, or can you/did they order it without?

                              3. how about 27?,, Try Pane E Vino you get potatoes, and fresh veggies, no salad.

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                                  1. How about Columbo's in Eagle Rock? I went this spring, and they were offering a fantastic steak special! IIRC the price was around $25, but on their menu they seem to be listed for less.

                                    Colombo's Italian Steakhouse
                                    1833 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

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                                    1. re: cjla

                                      I was hoping that someone would say Colombos! I think this place is great! esp the red velvet decor. IT reminds me of "old school" ITalian restaurants found in Brooklyn , NY.It is a hoot!!

                                    2. Well, I'll try and be more inforamative than witty, pretty easy actually. Here are some places I'd go under the following guidelines you proposed:

                                      1) Has to be a "steak" with the need to be cut with a knife.
                                      2) Has to be a compete "dinner" defined: 1) Steak, 2) sides, & 3) a strater like soup or salad.
                                      3) Can't be over $25 for food (before tax, tip, and any adult beverages).

                                      Golden Bull - American - Santa Monica Canyon
                                      Filet Mignon 10 oz., sides, soup or salad = $23.95

                                      Frida Restaurant - Gourmet Mexican - Beverly Hills
                                      Arrachera Nortena - Charbroiled skirt steak with enchilada, guacamole, rice, and nopalitas salad = $24.00

                                      Whale & Ale - British - San Pedro
                                      Prime Rib 16 oz., with traditional sides $18.95 + Caesar salad $4.95 = $23.90

                                      Soleil - French - Westwood
                                      Entrecote Sauce cafe' de Paris - N.Y. steak with herb sauce, sides ? $18.95 + Caesar salad $4.95 = #23.90. If no sides, then basket of fries $3.00 = $26.90 (Whoops over budget).

                                      Jagerhaus - German - Anaheim
                                      Weiner Roastbraten - N.Y. steak with grilled onions and choice of 2 sides (14 options) $17.95 + cup of soup $2.95 + Apple Strudel $4.25 = $25.15 (rounds down to $25).

                                      Pizzicotto - Italian - Brentwood
                                      Bistecca - N.Y. steak grilled with peppercorns, garlic, fresh herbs, sauteed spinach, and fresh vegies $14.95 + Bruschetta or Caprice Salad $ 8.95 = $23.90
                                      11758 San Vicente Blvd., (310) 442-7188

                                      Cafe Bizou - Cal/French - Pasadena (or Sherman Oaks).
                                      Steak Frittes with grilled tomatoes, asparagas & french fries in a burgundy wine sauce $20.95 + house soup or salad $1 + corkage $2 = $23.95

                                      Prado - Caribbean - Larchmont Village (?).
                                      T-Bone 14 oz. with sides $16.75 + Prado or Citrus salad $7.25 = $24.00
                                      244 No. Larchmont Blvd., (323) 467-3871

                                      Mario's Peruvian - Peruvian - East Hollywood
                                      Bisteck a la Chorrillana - pan fried steak smothered with sauted onions & tomatos and side of rice $9.00 + Ensalada mixta $4.50 + Ceviche Mixto shrimp, squid, octupus $11.00 = $24.50
                                      5786 Melrose Ave., (323) 466-4181

                                      Coupa Cafe - Venezuelan - Beverly Hills
                                      Steak Frites - flank steak with fries $17.95 + Scottish smoked salmon Arepa with nata & chives with a fresh mesclun green salad $6.50 = $24.45 ~ (310) 385-0420

                                      Le Petit Four - French Bistro - Sunset Strip
                                      Hanger Steak "Onglet" with sauted shallots in a red wine sauce with fries $17.95 + whole Artichoke vinagrette $7.75 = $25.70 Oh no, 70 cents over budget! Then maybe Prime Sirloin Steak with fries $19.95 + Creamy corn soup $4.95 = $24.90 (whew, just made it).

                                      George's Greek Cafe - Greek - Long Beach (2) (and downtown).
                                      Grilled steak (doesn't say what kind, I might call and ask before going) marinated in lemon juice (what else?) and extra virgin olive oil (again, what else?) and spices $14.95 + Greek salad $4.95 + Melintzanosalata (don't ask me to spell that from memory): baked eggplant with garlic & lemon juice $4.25 = $23.95

                                      Bamboo - Brazilian/Caribbean - Palms
                                      Cancun Steak with tomato, peppers & onions $17.75 + bamboo salad $5.95 = $23.70

                                      Cafe Colombia - Guess - Burbank
                                      Chunasco - Beef Loin tri-tip with chimichuri, arepa, vegies, and salad = $14.95 ($10.95 leftover for lotto tickets and brewskis).

                                      Now somewhere in the above 14 you should be able to satisfy your next steak craving for $25 or less!

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                                        1. re: JBC

                                          Now there's a definitive answer to the question!

                                          1. re: Griller141

                                            Not really definitive at all.

                                            Best Steak Option of the 34 posts so Far !?!
                                            Gorikee - Garlic Fusion - Woodland Hills
                                            Wasabi Black Angus Rib Eye 10 oz. with garlic mashed paotatoes, vegies, soup, salad, and dessert = $20.00 !! . . . . (The catch is, it's the early bird special and you must order before 6:00 p.m; otherwise the soup, salad, & dessert are all extra).
                                            21799 Ventura Blvd., (818) 932-9149

                                            Other Country Cuisines not previously mentioned:
                                            Spain - Spanish - Glendale
                                            #61 Chuleton c/Lomo - Porterhouse Steak with potatoes & salad $19.95 + #20 Empanada $1.99 + #27 Olives with spices $2.99 = $24.96

                                            Trabuco Oaks - Wild Western - Trabuco Canyon
                                            The Cowpoke - Top Sirloin 16 oz. with garlic toast, salad, taters, and beans = $24.95

                                            Le Petit Jardin - French Flower Shoppe - L.A.
                                            1456 So. Robertson Blvd., (310) 278-5294

                                            Euro Cafe - Portugese - Claremont

                                            Tama Sushi - Japanese - Studio City
                                            11920 Ventura Blvd., Studio City (818) 760-4585

                                            Cayenne Cafe - Mediterranean (*) - Park La Brea

                                            (*) Emphasis on Lebanese, Italian, French & Moroccan.

                                            1. re: JBC

                                              Had the wasabi rib eye at Gorikee.....don't bother.

                                              And although I am a fan of Tama Sushi, not sure why you included it in a steak dinner thread.

                                              1. re: markn

                                                I actually called Gorikee, because they don't have their own web presence, and the wasabi steak was a recent addition. It's too bad that $20 dinner wasn't worth the $$ to you.

                                                Tama Sushi - I listed them because they have on a web scanned menu (probably a few years old now):

                                                "Grilled N.Y. Steak with Vegetable - $14."

                                                But, it wouldn't qualify under the OP's parameters if it was pre-cut, which without going or calling, it just might be? And if so, would they serve it to you un-pre-cut if requested?

                                                Also of interest was "Paper Pot of Boullabaise". I don't remember if i'd seen that before.

                                                I would imagine it might be more now. Personally, I like sitting at a Sushi bar where I break up the flow of sushi fish dishes with a little meat, or something similar. Example - at Matsuhisa, I will probably order 1 or 2 of the following (5 = least favorite, 1= favorite, order EVERY time):

                                                5) Kobe Beef - not worth the $$$$.
                                                4) Duck Toban
                                                3) Meat skewers - beef, chichen, or Inca Chicken.
                                                2) Shiitake Mushroom - cooked, served sushi style topped with a big helping of Yuzu Kosho..
                                                1) Foie Gras - cooked, served sushi style with a thick, dark, semi-sweet sauce.

                                                1. re: JBC

                                                  Gorikee has always had the wasabi rib eye.....I think it was probably 2 years ago I had it, before the remodel. Don't know why they would say it was a recent addition.

                                                  1. re: markn

                                                    I just ran across my old notes, when I asked him about the Wasabi rib-eye I was quoting from an older web-scanned menu that had the price at $16.75, but before I could finish he quickly interjected that they recently added _____. And the blank was the garlic mashed potatoes & maybe something else, trying to justify their need to set the new price at $20, and not the rib-eye itself.

                                                    So you're right, but they've recently added a few items to it (or just changed or upgraded the sides).

                                          2. If you like your steaks rare and certainly no more than medium rare you might give a shot to the Steak Joynt on Lankershim in Toluca Lake (North Hollywood). Great martini, the chopped salad with roquefort (starter size and enough for two) along with any of their steaks is a good tasting well priced meal and within your parameters I would say. My bill goes a little higher because my wife does not drink so I order one or two glasses of wine and wine by the glass certainly boosts the old bill.

                                              1. re: joea

                                                Sorry, have to give two big thumbs down to Sherman Room. Tried it last year based on a couple recs here. Aside from bad to mediocre food, the place really needs a good cleaning and a facelift. I'm all for a little kitsch, but this isn't it. Just old and dilapidated with none of that "old steakhouse" charm.

                                                I ordered a salad with bleu cheese dressing, got a bowl of lettuce with some yellow liquid on top. I told the waitress there must be some mistake, I ordered bleu cheese. She said "that is the house bleu cheese". Huh? Never seen yellow bleu cheese dressing before. And believe me, there was no hint of bleu cheese. And the steak was low quality and overcooked.

                                                Spend a couple extra bucks and go to Taylor's in La Canada. Infinitely better in all aspects.....food, atmosphere, service, drinks. Or even Monty's in Woodland Hills is a giant step up.

                                                1. re: markn

                                                  We were disappointed in the Sherman Room too. All of the above and add tough.

                                              2. Gullivers Restaurant in Orange County next to the John Wayne airport is my favorite.

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                                                1. re: rollin

                                                  For steak or roast beef or ?

                                                2. i'm admittedly no steak connoisseur, but i like the smoke house in burbank...charbroiled flat iron steak plus soup or salad...vegetables and a starch for $21.95...delicious!!! bing crosby & bob hope used to eat there so you know it must be good;-)

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                                                  1. re: oilydal

                                                    I used to go to the Smoke House often, but the last two times I've been there, the steaks were flavorless and I was disappointed with the whole meal.

                                                  2. The Bull Pen is an "old style", table clothed, steakhouse on the "curve" in Redondo Beach. Reservations are a good idea, but there is a great bar there to wait as well. Classic great service and great steaks.

                                                    The Bull Pen
                                                    314 Avenue I
                                                    Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                                                    Open Daily 9:00am- 2:00am
                                                    Tel: (310) 375-7797

                                                    1. This begs to be answered with Lonestar, Black Angus, Outback, or even SoCal chains like Claim Jumper and Wood Ranch, but my top 2 would be Taylor's in LA (which has been mentioned) or my personal favorite, Trabuco Oaks in Orange County.

                                                      Of course, if I was willing to drive to the far northern reaches of SoCal, one of the Big 3 up in tri-tip country would trump anything here in LA/OC (Jocko's in Nipomo, Far Western Tavern in Guadalupe, and Hitching Post in Casmalia or Buellton).

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                                                      1. re: RSMBob

                                                        wat about the t-bone dinner at norm's? haha great suggestions everyone.

                                                        1. re: RSMBob

                                                          Jockos is the place. The spencer black and blue, wow is that a steak.. cant be beat. If you are ever in the area think sb county wine tasting go there!! Reservation advised or wait 90 minutes on a weekend night

                                                          1. re: Foodandwine

                                                            Father's Office has steak frites for $16 or close to that. It's not a thick slab of meat but the times I've had it it's been pretty good.

                                                            At lunch, Campanile has a grilled flat iron steak served with haricots verts and radicchio for $24. I liked the beef and the green beans but didn't care much for the roasted radicchio.

                                                            I like Taylor's too, especially if you can convince them to salt your steak before cooking it.

                                                            1. re: Foodandwine

                                                              jockos! wow...havent been there in years...too bad its so far from L.A.
                                                              they have great dry rub ribs too!

                                                            2. re: RSMBob

                                                              And if you're up in Jocko/HP/Far Western territory on a weekend afternoon, you might as well drive down Broadway in Santa Maria and get some tri-tip & sides from one of the trucks there. Change from your twenty? You betcha!
                                                              Bon appetit.

                                                              1. re: kb612

                                                                At Joko's the only thing a reservation gets you is an hour wait instead of 2+ We gave up and now go to Tahoe Joe's in S.L.O. Not Joko's quality, more like Outback but quite edible and friendly service. They don't have reservations and don't really need them but you can call in when on the way.

                                                                Far Western is simple too difficult to get to from the Pismo area.

                                                                1. re: Wes

                                                                  You don't have to drive to SLO for Tahoe Joes: check out Shaw's on Broadway in Santa Maria (across from the Santa Maria Inn). Shaw's serves an excellent Santa Maria Style barbecue (steak, ribs, seafood or chicken) and they have a lively lounge IF you need to wait for a table in the restaurant.

                                                            3. The Venice Room also known by many eastsiders as the "V" Room. Steak (grill yourself on the indoor grill), baked potato, green salad and interesting characters (grungy old men who exchange WWII stories or ex-mafia hookers) hanging around the bar all for under $25 a person. Can't beat that. Gotta check it out just for the cheesy old school red vinyl booths and murals on the walls.

                                                              Venice Room
                                                              2428 S Garfield Ave (North of the 60 FWY)
                                                              Monterey Park, CA 91754

                                                              1. I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Lucques Bar menu -- after 9:30 p.m., you can get steak frites for $16. If you add a market lettuce salad for $8, you've got your full dinner for $24.00, and it's a very tasty steak!


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                                                                1. re: DanaB

                                                                  Lucque's bar steak is now.. $24, still under the post's cut-off 5 years later.

                                                                  1. Well, I'm not saying they're the best steaks in the world, but for around twenty bucks, I've been happy so far with La Dijonaise in Culver City and really surprised with what you get for twenty bucks at Saddle Ranch (Universal or Hollywood).

                                                                    1. I would recommend Lonestar's Steakhouse in Tustin Ca. I think they do have a couple of other chains in Ca.You can get a pretty good steak that comes with 2 sides for under $25. I would say the quality of Outback steak house but it doesn't feel as commercialized. The high yeast ultra soft bread is my favorite. I usually have 2 of them before my meal. It's a pretty casual place with a lot of regulars.

                                                                      1. I've heard you can get a good, reasonably priced steak at The Arsenal on Pico.

                                                                        But I've never had one.

                                                                        Anyone have an opinion on The Arsenal?

                                                                        1. The menu on the web page below is different than the one Park Ave. now offers but the prices really are not much different. You really should check out the link but at these prices not alot is at risk of being lost just walking in the door and having a meal. In fact nothing is at risk because you will be more than happy. The ambiance of this place makes it a must do but the food is very good as well. I would say expect to pay maybe $20 to $30 for a nice dinner and desert. The hot cobbler ("Crumble") with fresh made ice cream is a must try.

                                                                          Park Ave.
                                                                          11200 Beach Ave.
                                                                          Stanton, CA 90680
                                                                          (714) 901-4400


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                                                                          1. re: JeetJet

                                                                            Here is another one. The Northwoods Inn offers a really good and very large meal that is hard to beat. Steaks include what they call the Lumberjack Steak, Medium Size $24.95. Other steaks include the New York Steak $28.95 and the Porterhouse Steak (25 ounce) $33.95. The New York is a great steak here but most often I order the North Woods Special Platter (chicken, scallops and steak chunks) $24.95.

                                                                            The price of the dinner includes two salads (red cabbage and blue cheese) and cheese bread (fresh hot oven toasted bread with a cheese spread) which you can have refilled, along with more salad, if you want more. You also get a really good rice pilaf and a very large baked potato with a choice of whipped cheese butter, butter, sour cream & chives, or mushroom gravy. You will likely be taking food home.

                                                                            Yesterday I went there for lunch and had the Filet of Cod “sandwich” $9.95. Actually it was not a sandwich as the fish comes with two slices of cheese bread, rice pilaf and a small portion of both salads. The fish can be either deep fried or steamed. I had it steamed and it was a great lunch. In fact I ate very little for dinner last night because I was really not hungry after that lunch. This place does it right at all three locations.


                                                                            1. re: JeetJet

                                                                              You're always guaranteed a good meal at Northwoods Inn. I went there for dinner last night, and had the Lumberjack Steak, Medium size with all the fixings, and then followed it up with a peach donut from Donut Man. Oh, life was good yesterday. Today, not so much...feasting on carrot sticks, and trying to figure out how to squeeze in another cardio session.

                                                                              1. re: stopurmakingmehungry

                                                                                The baked potato, with all the fixings on it, at the North Woods Inn is a big meal by itself.

                                                                                After reading that you had a full dinner there last night, and then went to Dounut Man for dessert, I thought to my self -- "OMG." I have never finished a full meal at the North Woods. I almost stopped reading your last sentance after you wrote that today you are, "trying to figure out how to squeeze...." I mean think of the alternative endings (squeese into my pants, squeese into my car, squeese...) I understand.

                                                                                1. re: JeetJet

                                                                                  Hehehe, you're right I guess you could finish that sentence any number of ways. Nah, I didn't finish all of my dinner either, or even an entire peach donut for that matter. I'm one of those that likes to "try" everything. "Try", like I don't already know what it all tastes like. But how quickly we recover, I'm already looking forward to a trip to Tony's Little Italy for a stuffed pie on Sunday after the Angel game.

                                                                          2. one more... redwhite+bluezz in Pasadena has a fantastic filet. they also have a "bone-in" angus and a great Kobe burger. prices are excellent for the quality, and the ambiance is better than some of the bigger chains. plus they have yummy wine!

                                                                            1. I like the $15.95 Bisteck Grillé avec Frites at Taix
                                                                              Prime petite top sirloin Bistro style steak grilled with Maitre d’hôtel butter, served with French fries.

                                                                              Taix French Restaurant
                                                                              (213) 484-1265

                                                                              I also like the $18.95 Grilled Hanger Steak with Scallion-Ginger Potato Salad, Wasabi Relish at Beacon

                                                                              3280 Helms Ave
                                                                              Culver City, CA 90232
                                                                              (310) 838-7500

                                                                              Taix French Restaurant
                                                                              1911 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

                                                                              Beacon Restaurant
                                                                              3280 Helms Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

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                                                                              1. re: yinyangdi

                                                                                La dijonaise in Culver City $16, I believe...

                                                                                1. re: runner0382

                                                                                  old post. Beacon closed its doors 01/16/2011 after seven years at Helms Bakery Complex. :(

                                                                                  And, sadly, Taix no longer offers Bisteck Grillé avec Frites for $16.

                                                                                1. re: ipsedixit

                                                                                  "Vegasbuff" a hound whose handle I didn't recognize, had a nice write up (with photos on a link that is still good) did a nice write up of this place back in 2007: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/435328

                                                                                2. No one has mentioned Petrelli in Culver City. Maybe my judgement is clouded by the fact that we can walk from my brother's house and have been going forever, but I think it's a great value with old-school charm. "Moonlight in a martini", to quote Moonstruck.

                                                                                  1. Need something decent on the Westside try Pettrelli's in Culver City. Steak dinners come in at about $30, but always good. Owner George and wife Sofie are always on the premises to make sure everything is to your liking. Old school black vinyl booths, waiters with bow ties, and a great bar - perfect martinis.


                                                                                    5615 Sepulveda Boulevard Culver City, CA 90230

                                                                                    3 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: nywestie

                                                                                      Based on your review I decided to give Petrelli's another try. The bread was like rubber, the vegitables were cooked to death. No excuse. A cihild could cook better. The lamb chops and the steak were ok for the price. But everything else was way below par. They need a new chef.

                                                                                      1. re: Baron

                                                                                        We went a few times (3 or 4) and then just quite going because, while the prices were on the lesser side, so was the flavor of everything they served.

                                                                                        1. re: Baron

                                                                                          your experience exactly mirrors the last time i ate at petrelli's.
                                                                                          guess it wasn't an accident.. . . .

                                                                                      2. If you want a decent steak at $25 and a lot of fun to boot, go to Chez Jay on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. The quintessential dive steak house with a fun bar a great vibe. Lots of places to go before or after nearby. A lot of fun. The Galley down the street also can squeak in around $25 and is equally fun and divey with a great bar and vibe.

                                                                                        4 Replies
                                                                                        1. re: BSW6490

                                                                                          The Galley's current online menu shows a sirloin (12 oz) at $24, a culotte (12 oz) at $26 and a T-bone (18 oz) at $26. Other more premium cuts a bit higher.

                                                                                          Chez Jay's current online menu shows a variety of steaks in the $23+-$25 range.

                                                                                          Both include potato and veggie sides, while Chez Jay adds soup or salad.

                                                                                          1. re: nosh

                                                                                            I had a steak at Chez Jay last weekend and it was good as ever, I love the Fiondella!