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Jul 20, 2007 06:05 PM

Where to get cheese curds in Central NJ

I discovered cheese curds while on vacation out in the midwest and loved them! Does anybody know where I can them out here?


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  1. I don't think they have made it out here yet. I am from one of the Midwest states well known for this product and I have yet to find it.

    My wife and kids love them. So do most Cardiologists as they are very hard on the arteries. But oh are they so good fresh out of the fryer.

    1. Wegman's grocery store in Princeton (West Windsor) has them - both in the cheese department and in the dairy department. They're great!

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      1. re: Foody4life

        I definitely will have to ck there when I'm in the neighborhood. I ckd the Wegman's in Manalapan and they didn't have it. You're so lucky!

        1. re: wench31

          I work close by there. Where do you live?

      2. I've seen the Yancey's Fancy brand of cheese curds at the Manalapan Wegman's in the past (usually just the seasoned, not plain) but, as you noted, not lately. The same brand of cheese is also carried by Foodtown in Freehold and Manalapan, but can't say I've seen the curds. Yancey's Fancy also does phone orders-

        I usually get mine at the Amish market on Rt. 27 in Kingston, NJ (or any of the other PA Dutch markets around the state), since they seem to be fresher. A true cheese curt geek wants them as fresh as possible (ideally the day of mfg) for the full "squeaky" experience.

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        1. re: JessKidden

          Do you know the address of the Amish market on rt. 27? I've been craving them ever since my trip to Montreal.

          1. re: teechao

            yummmm, a bowl of curds and a nice cold beer :)

          2. I grew up in Chicago, and there is nothing better than good old, fresh Wisconsin cheese curds, or as we used to call them, "squeeky cheese."

            I actually drove my wife across the border to a cheese shop just so she could experience them when we were home over the holidays. From there, I took her to Lake Geneva, WI, where I used to spend my summers as a kid.

            I e-mail The Carriage Trade Cheese Shop in Medford, and she was working on a source for cheese curds. I'll see if I can find her e-mail response and post it when I get home tonight. -mJ

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            1. re: njfoodies

              My Bride's from Minnesota. I've spent too few summer days sitting on the banks of the Mississippi in Wabasha eating fresh curds and washing them down with some cold Linies...

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                All this talk about cheese curds, definitely triggered the cravings! Went to Wegmans, West Windsor and picked up a small tub of Yancy's Fancy plain cheese curds. Gone before halftime of SNF. The curds weren't the largest I've had (lots of small pieces) but the taste, hit the spot!


                1. re: Foody4life

                  i'll be over that-a-ways tomorrow night...may have to get some!

                  1. re: Foody4life

                    Another mail order source is Ellsworth Wi Cooperative Creamery. Ellsworth is the cheese curd capitol of the world and I have the hat to prove it!.

                    Personally, I've never cared for curds when we go to visit my brother in WI - but give me a cold leiny ! (sp?)

                2. " good fresh out of the fryer." Now that I have not seen, F77. Delicious and decadent! Seems to me McCaffrey's Market in Princeton carries these too.