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Dec 26, 2005 11:32 AM

Lee Hou @ Clement - downhill ?

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After hearing recent raves, I decided to give it a try.
It was around 9 pm or so.

The crab deep fried with flour coatings, salt pepper style was NOT great as I hoped for. The seasonings were weak as compared to say another place in Milpitas (Won Kee) that had great version. Just was not good IMO

I had one of the special menu of scallops with some veg that was decent. It did not have great flavor,

The touted Yee Fu wonton soup was quite nice. The deep fried wonton soaked in the eggy thick soup had good flavor. But again the broth lacked flavor somehow.

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  1. I had similar experience and was disappointed by the meal at Lee Hou.

    One thing that was brought up by my friend was that Lee Hou's chefs are better on the weekends (for whatever reason) and another thing that was brought up was that they are better at simple homey food rather than specials or elaborate cooking styles.

    I cannot verify that (maybe until my next trip back) but maybe you can give them a try again using the tips above?

    1. These few days are can show the worst the kitchen can show. Also 9:00PM is late in the day.

      I think you should try again a little later.

      Hope they will do better later. I hope to stop by soon and will report back.

      1. There are two types of yee fu wonton soups here. The one you had is hung tao that has egg flower and bits of ham and char siu. This is the one my mother likes because the stock is lighter and more refreshing. The other is made with roast duck and has a brown colored roast duck stock that is much richer and deeper in flavor. I liked this one. My mother finds the duck stock too strong for her taste, but I think it probably suits your palate better than the other as you don't care for subtle, light flavors.