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Jul 20, 2007 05:09 PM

3-hour layover at LAX

A friend is coming thru LAX tomorrow afternoon. I'd like to treat him to lunch and a beer off the premises. Any recs for a place that might have some LA charm near enough to the airport that we won't get nervous about getting him back in time to catch his connecting flight?

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  1. Kabuki at the Howard Hughes Center or Bare Elegance. Wha't more LA than that; sushi and strippers.

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    1. re: Young K.

      2 raw bars in one evening, oh my!

    2. Cheesecake Factory in the Marina might be a good call.

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      1. re: truefoodie

        That might be cutting it really tight in making the next flight, (not knowing what security lines will be like).

        1. re: truefoodie

          depending on the time of day/night, it could take over an hour just to get a table at cheesecake factory.
          as i recall, they don't take reservations.
          also, lincoln blvd between marina del rey and LAX is under construction, and i horribly congested these days.
          would not recommend cheesecake factory unless your friend doesn't really care if he makes his connecting flight or not.

          1. re: truefoodie

            having sold produce to the CCF in SF and having come in through the back door on innumerable occasions, I wouldn't wish any CCF on my worst enemy, or maybe on second thought, if it was my worst enemy, maybe I would

          2. Lunch could definitely be covered at Pann's, or Derrick's though that's Jamaican and not LA per se. Closeby also are Dinah's, Siam and Alejo's.

            Are The Shack, Uncle Darrow's, Aunt Kizzy's too far?

            1. Lido's in Manhattan Beach is never crowded and they are pretty close to the airport off Rosecrans. They have a great tortellini pasta salad that I love! They have a full bar as well and you can hear each other talk! Yummy warm bread to dip in oil...ask for garlic as well.

              1. It's been said before but bears repeating---4 Points Sheraton at LAX has a wonderful beer menu and better than decent food. They have shuttles and even free parking.