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Jul 20, 2007 04:47 PM

ISO Restaurant Recs for Narragansett, RI

We'll be vacationing in Narragansett, Rhode Island, next week and wondering about good restaurants in the area. Any recommendations? I'm searching for two types in particular:
-- a place that could accomodate a large group (10+ people with 3 young children)
-- a place for a romantic evening out, not over the top pricey though
We like all kinds of food so are open to anything.

Also would love to know a good ice cream place.


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  1. Let's start with the ice cream place - Brickley's and only Brickley's. Two locations, one on Main Street in Wakefield and one on 1A in Narragansett. Both sell the same high quality product. Can't miss.

    For the large group, PJ's Pub on Boon Street in Narragansett has been a favorite of ours lately. They can definitely handle a large group and are very kid friendly. Cuisine is pizza, pastas, seafood. We bring our kids there all the time. Don't let the "pub" in the name throw you.

    For a romantic evening out, I hear Crave on Main Street in Wakefield is good. Haven't tried it yet. We do enjoy Basil's in Narragansett for a nice dinner "a deux" as well as Turtle Soup. Turtle Soup isn't really romantic, but it's right on the water and food is great.

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      Crave is excellent and Cheeky Monkey will be open VERY soon.

    2. My hands down fave in Narragansett is Crazy Burger on Boon St (a block or 2 up from the water, running parallel w/the beach). It does not fit either's small, although it has a lovely outdoor patio.....and it's not romantic. It's more like a diner run by hippies. But the food is excellent. Lots of vegetarian (even vegan I think) choices if you're so inclined.