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Jul 20, 2007 04:32 PM

Craft tonight- what not to get...

Hi guys... going to Craft tongiht. i've read your posts and i'm really wondering if you can tell me what not to get. it's pricey and i don't want to get anything that's not amazing!! thanks very much.

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  1. Based on dinner the other night I'll put 3 *** next to the don't miss courses. Everything else was OK , except for the Mushrooms which were dry and the Hamachi which wasn't as good as hoped, same for the lamb which we sent back for a warm up?. Dessert was a semi let down. And the $35- corkage still has me steaming, based on principle.

    Hama Hama & Kumamoto Oysters
    Big Eye Tuna
    Gem Salad
    Chittara Spaghetti ***
    Pork Belly ***
    Baby Lamb
    Wagyu Skirt Steak ***
    Potatoes Gratin
    Asrt Mushrooms
    Cavalo Nero Veggie
    Baby Broccoli
    Donuts, Fig Tart, Choc Tart, Plum Galette, 6 Ice cream tastes

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    1. re: russkar

      i thought the oysters were exceptional.

      i really liked the flavor profile on the hamachi, but it wasn't the best hamachi i've ever had.

      thought the lobster was really flat.

      really liked the mushrooms and baby brocolli. cavalo nero was good, but a tad salty. it was like cream of black kale.

      agree with russkar on the desserts.

      1. re: russkar

        Agree, pork belly is to DIE for (literally, you'll feel your arteries harden in real-time) and the chitarra spaghetti is very good.

      2. This question is too good to let go by: Don't get stuck with the tab!

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        1. re: carter

          My tab for lunch was double, it's not the's only about the food.

        2. We celebrated my boyfriend's birthday at Craft on Friday. Out of everything we ordered, the Barbary Duck & Lavender was the most unexceptional and I would not order it again as I've had much better preparations of it elsewhere.

          We also ordered the Pork Belly & Madras Curry as a starter based on all the recs here. It was good but again not exciting to me as it tasted very much like a standard Chinese preparation of pork belly.

          The rest of our meal was made up of the Arugula & Black Fig salad, Wagyu skirt steak, Hen of the Woods mushrooms, Potato puree, and Salty Chocolate Tart. These were all simply prepared and great. For the sides, a slight nod to the potatoes which were so creamy to be bordering on potato soup (I shudder to think how much butter and cream into making them so but they were heavenly). The mushrooms were not remarkable but just good in their simple mushroomness. The chocolate tart was one of the better desserts I've had in a long while.

          Service was pleasant as everyone tends to work as a team, but we noticed that we had to keep refilling our own wine glasses. We also happened to be seated right near the station where servers are calling in orders to the kitchen which was a bit distracting.

          It was nice to see Tom Colicchio come out towards the end of the night and survey the whole floor. Overall damage for two with a bottle of Barolo came out to about $280.

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          1. re: TracyS

            When Colicchio came out did he ask someone to put away their knives and go?

            More seriously, does the menu credit someone as chef and pastry chef?

            1. re: nosh

              Yes, I don't remember the actual names but they credit the chef de cuisine and the pastry chef.

            2. re: TracyS

              TracyS--I'm curious about the salty choco. tart. Is it a a choco. tart drizzled with olive oil and sea salt?

              1. re: fdb

                It was a small tart shell, about the size of the bottom of a drinking glass, filled with almost a thick chocolate mousse and sprinkled with sea salt, no olive oil. I really liked it because I generally can't handle more than a few bites of normal chocolate desserts which are really sweet. It was plated with mint puree, strawberries, and a rose sorbet and the combination worked really well. In my opinion definitely up there with the much lauded Pizzeria Mozza butterscotch budino for a sweet/salty combo.

                1. re: TracyS

                  I had a chocolate budino in San Francisco that was drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. That was the first time I had such nasty combination in a dessert. I guess I wouldn't mind sweet/salty dessert but the olive oil really didn't work for me.

                  1. re: fdb

                    I had something similar at A16 in SF. after so much olive oil during the meal, I wasn't crazy about it on my dessert.

                    1. re: cookgirl

                      That's exactly where I had it at A16, and how I felt. I'm usually adventurous about food, but olive oil on choco. tart just did me no good. Btw, did you like the pizza at A16? After reading about all the raves from SF board, I was quite disappointed.

                      1. re: fdb

                        I was disappointed in the pizza. It was more along the lines of something that I'd love if it were delivered to my house...
                        I did really like the meal overall. The ricotta gnocchi with pork meatballs in brodo was fantastic.

                  2. re: TracyS

                    the salty chocolate tart is filled with more of a ganache than a mousse.