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Jul 20, 2007 04:23 PM

San Antonio Sushi

I keep hearing that great sushi is not found in San Antonio. Does anyone instead have suggestions for the best bargains for sushi in San Antonio? As in, the best sushi that is less expensive.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Godai on West Ave. It's great sushi and reasonably priced. The same guy started out at Goro's, off of Vance Jackson near the Academy, though I have not been there. Another great place that's a little pricier is Sushihana on N.W. Military. Hope that helps!

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      I swear by by Niki's Tokyo Inn on Hildebrand.
      It's run by a mother and daughter team and is one of the first (if not the first) Sushi/Japanese restaurants in S.A.
      They are only open for dinner, but the food is of the highest quality.
      I'd compare this to any West coast sushi place I've eaten at.

      Niki's Tokyo Inn
      819 W. Hildebrand
      San Antonio 78212

      Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
      City Area: North Central

      Phone: 210-736-5471

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        I'm with Alyssa on Godai. We've only been once, but it was an experience we both throughly enjoyed! We did the "chef's special" sashimi for two and it was excellent. Cost wise, probably about $50 for a large platter of pieces that probably could feed three or four depending on how hungry you are :) I've also had good luck with sushi at Kona Grill in the La Cantera shopping center, although we usually do sashimi, so ymmv with actual sushi rolls, etc. And last week we tried sushi at Spice Asian Bistro out on Blanco @ 1604. We only had a little bit since we were there for the thai food, but the sashimi appetizer was very good with 9 pieces of 3 fish (salmon, tuna and sea bass). Very fresh and tasty. I would NOT recommend personally Sushi Zushi, although I know others who enjoy their menu items. I personally find them overpriced and not all that fresh. But as others have said, San Antonio is NOT a sushi mecca of any sort, so don't expect otherwise :)

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          I didn't think Sushi Zushi was very good either. Poor quality fish on my one visit.

      2. try fujiya. Japaneses owned with lots of authentic selections.
        I wouldn't expect to find really great sushi/japanese food here in san antonio if you are from one of the major cities.

        I miss the food selections in NYC/Boston :-(

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        2. Niki's and Sushianna are both great.

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