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Jul 20, 2007 04:16 PM

Grilling seafood tonight... need help with sauce!

I just bought some large shrimp, colossal scallops, little neck clams, and king crab legs and claws... grocery store having big seafood sale. I also bought lemons, parsley, and butter. I was going to throw all the seafood on the grill. Any ideas for a sauce or two that will go? Thanks!

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  1. I do a really simple one for this and we all love it.
    In a saucepan (I have an older one that I put right on the grill while I am grilling), sautee some garlic or shallots in a little EVOO. Add a healthy dose of white wine and burn off the alcohol, add an unhealthy dose of butter. Remove from heat, toss in minced Italian parsley and a splash or two of lemon. (My hubby and I like it spicy so I add some chili flakes when garlic is sautteing until golden) I sometimes use butter warmers and everyone dips their own. But, my favourite is to have everyone pick the seafood they want and put it on their plate(I use large pasta bowls), then I ladel the dipping sauce over each serving, and serve with true Italian bruschetta for dipping. You could save the parsley and lemon and sprinkle the parlsey over the top and give each person a lemon (cut up) to help themselves.
    This is really plain and simple, but we really like it.
    (I take a mallet to the king crab before plating to help ease the removal of meat).
    Take good quality dense Italian bread, grill on both sides, rub with garlic(whole clove) when still warm but off the grill and drizzle with the best EVOO you have.

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      Thanks... it sounds easy and delicious. I'm going to try it out!

    2. I often prepare an easy tartar sauce: mayo, pickle relish, parsley and lemon juice. For a Louie, I add ketchup or cocktail sauce. For remoulade, add mustard and horseradish or hot sauce to taste,