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Jul 20, 2007 04:01 PM

Anyone eaten in Easton recently?

Looking for a good restaurant for a Saturday night dinner where we will have 2 seniors with us and a 3 year old in tow. Casual with great food would be perfect.

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  1. With a 3 yr old, Out of the Fire is your best option. It's fun and lively - open kitchen, brick oven, back wine bar, good food. You'll need a reservation.

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      Looks perfect....thanks very much.

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        I think Out of the Fire is one of the great Easton restaurants getting fresh shrimp from a farming operation in nearby Hurlock, Maryland, that has been reported about recently in the Washington Post. Marvesta has been getting terrific reviews for their product and their environmentally sound production techniques. Daily deliveries of head-on shrimp pulled right out of the water.
        Ask at the restaurant.