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Jul 20, 2007 03:39 PM

Radium, Invermere eats?

Will be in Radium and Invermere for a few days, staying at a condo. Probably visit Panorama as well.

Anything interesting for lunch/dinner in this area? I have never been there before...

Cuisine type is wide-open for us.


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  1. Since no one in the know has replied I'll take a shot. There was a German place in Radium called Chalet Europe. The restaurant was pretty amazing but it's been a few years since we've been that way. My worst fear would be there are new owners. The food is German.

    1. I'm probably too late for this,but we had dinner at was once the Cafe Europa it is now called something like Cibbabella(sp) and horrors.yes its under new management, it is still serving German type food, but don't even bother going we had 6 in our group andno one was happy with our food, service is surly at best. Why can't they at least be civil?? I would opt for "Old Satzsburg" next time.

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        That is so sad. Another family run place gone.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions... we stayed mostly at a condo in Radium (The Peaks - excellent property by the way), so we made some excellent meals...

        We did manage to go out for a dinner at Strands in Invermere. Labelled as "Casual Fine Dining", I highly recommend the place. Food is very good (European influenced) and prices are reasonable. I especially liked that they had a weekly menu, in addition to their normal menu. I had their lamb chops for $24, which ended up being a rack of lamb sliced up - it was great!

        They also had a truly wonderful Orange Butternut Squash soup - I'd be hard pressed to find an equivalent in Calgary. And there is just something impressive about a place that makes their own crabapple sorbet...

        Ambience is neat - its an old house made into a restaurant - they put us up (there were two families - 7 people) in something like a drawing room, so we were the only table in it. Service was first rate as well.

        Make no mistake that its a tourist place (schnitzel anyone?), but we all enjoyed it...

        The other interesting place I would try next time would be Helna's Stube in Radium.

        We went to Huckleberry's Family Restaurant in Invermere for lunch - let's just say it satisfied my kids' needs...

        On the way out to Radium, had brunch at Quarry in Canmore. It was one of those "mulligan" meals - the server warned us that there were issues in the kitchen, and food was coming out very slow. We had lots of time so we waited...and waited. I guess our server wasn't exaggerating! She was very apologetic. And the meal itself was so-so. My friend had a bison burger,but the bun was dry and hard - and he wasn't the only one - someone else at another table had the same problem and sent his back. My steak frites was good though... At least they were cognizant enough to take off our drinks without asking... Moral of the story is to listen to your server...

        On our way back from Radium, we stopped off for lunch at Mine (the old Crazyweed). I was very impressed with it. They have a killer Coconut Chicken Curry Ramen, and their curry rice bowls are good too. They had a little dish called Soy Braised Pork Belly (3 big chunks) - artery clogging, but not to be missed!