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Jul 20, 2007 03:22 PM

Jacks Fifth Ave closed?

Does anyone know if Jack's (Park Slope) is closed? I haven't seen them open for a while.

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  1. Their answering machine message says they're closed for building repairs and will reopen, but it doesn't say when...

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    1. re: allneonlke

      maybe its just me but i dont feel like eating in a restaurant where the above floors are vacant and boarded up and next door, there's a massive building being erected.

    2. My neighbor said the owner is on vacation and, when he re-opens in a few weeks, he'll have a new partner. We live nearby and are rooting for them to succeed; the food was much better when they first opened, but still it's great to have them as a food pick-up option on a rainy or cold day...

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      1. re: Brooklyn Hound

        I agree. I'd really miss their burgers and salads. Dizzy's is the only other good burger take out option that comes to my mind. I guess there's Brooklyn Burgers, haven't tried that yet. Looks very touristy.

      2. I'm not sure...There was a cease and desist order for work being done on the apartments above Jack's but no sign about Jack's itself. If you were a restaurant owner closed for repairs you'd certainly want to let your customers know this and not have to guess what's going on. The whole place (with the construction on the "green" building next door) makes the block look like a ghetto.