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Jul 20, 2007 02:58 PM

Mediocre meal at Fragole

I've never been that impressed with Fragole, but it continues to rank as a favorite Carroll Gardens Italian restaurant on this board and by word of mouth. Last night we had a meal of oversalted cannellini bean soup, salad with unripe tomatoes (and this, in late July!) and bland chicken milanesa (sprinkled with chopped unripe tomatoes). Very disappointing. Are their pastas the main reason for the accolades or did I just hit them on an off night?

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  1. we went a few months ago and also thought it so-so. people raved about the pastas but we had a smattering of items (like you, that barely acceptable salad), and just weren't impressed. i think there are many restaurants doing it better these days.

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      I agree with you both; I've never been too impressed by Fragole. The food is good, basic Italian fare, nothing special. I enjoyed it a few years ago as Max Court. The options were more limited but the food was better, I think. However, I have to say Fragole does a great job delivery orders. If you are craving pasta and a salad, and don't feel like cooking, the food arrives in great shape and is good for take out. They take a lot of care when packing it up, and somehow it manages to travel well.

      1. re: artichokeheart

        Their strengths are their pastas. The lasagna is awesome.

        I have found them occasionally inconsistent, especially with the non-pasta dishes. I have had some fantastic meals there.

    2. Fragole used to be one our favorites, but lately it does seem to be slipping a bit. The service has always been somewhat inconsistent, but we could always count on an excellent meal.

      We usually stick with the pasta and I was disappointed to see that they recently changed the linguine nere dish, which was my absolute favorite. Also, my husband's dish of pappardelle with braised short ribs was close to inedible with bad pieces of meat and gummy pasta. The grilled calamari salad was perfect though. It's one of the best grilled calamaris that I've ever had. I think the bolognese is great, as is the rigatoni alla firenze, but these aren't the most exciting dishes.

      That said, I'd still choose Fragole over Po any day.