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Does anyone have input on these restaurants in Concord, NH? I will just be able to eat a couple of meals and will only be downtown (with no car); which would you choose, foodwise, funwise, and pricewise? Right now I'm leaning toward Siam Orchid for lunch but I'm not sure about dinner; I'd like to have a drink in Barley House because the building sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I want to eat there (because the food doesn't).

Barley House, 132 N Main
Capitol Grille, 1 Eagle Sq (on Main).
Cheers Grille, 17 Depot.
Common Man, 25 Water St.
Dark Horse Bistro in Centennial Inn, 96 Pleasant nr Main. I assume this is downtown?
Margarita’s Mexican, 1 Bicentennial Sq. I assume this is downtown?
Red Blazer, 72 Manchester. Not sure if this is downtown?
Siam Orchid, 158 N Main

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  1. I enjoyed the food at the Barley House a lot (and good place for drinks). Love love Siam Orchid for lunch or dinner. Cheers is a casual fun place (drinks or dinner - extensive menu but nothin fancy or anything to rave about, good pub food). Common Man is not is not right in downtown, longer walk though, a bit above casual - you'll pay more then Cheers but won't get much more. Margarita's is downtown but a much better mexican is Hermano's and is also downtown. Grab a margarita at Margarita's and walk to Hermano's for the food - you'll be happier (and they are walking distance from each other). Red Blazer is not in town, you'de want a taxi - food is good.

    If you love Italian - Angelina's in right in town and excellent!!!

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      I agree with lexpatti about Siam Orchid. I've eaten more often with friends at Cheers because they like the menu but I think the food tastes better at the Barley House (yummy hummus instead of rolls). I'm curious about the Centennial. You would have to take a taxi. For a very casual lunch you might got to Bread and Chocolate for a sandwich. It's on South Main Street next to Gibson's Bookstore. They just have a few tiny tables but fantastic pastry. They make sandwiches on their own bread.

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        I second Hermano's. Great margaritas and excellent mexican food.

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          They are small but killer margarita's aren't they??? Their garlic chicken nachos are to die for too. I'm due for a dose of Hermano's - I can't find that garlic sauce they use in other mexican rest. and I love it.

      2. I live and work in downtown Concord, and would not recommend the Capitol Grille, likely not Cheers either (though they have nice salads and outdoor seating). Stick with Hermano's, Barley House, Siam Orchid- actually, I enjoy Margarita's too. Let me also recommend for lunch Viallage Cucina, right across from the statehouse- the panini and soups are really excellent- I had a chicken orzo with spinach an dfeta the other day that I've been thinking about ever since.

        I haven't been to the new spots in the Centennial Inn (Granite Restaurant, and the Darkhorse one), but I hear good things about both, and there's lot's to choose from for non-meat-eaters. It's perhaps just under a mile from downtown, so you could certainly walk if ther weather was nice, and you're up to it.

        1. I rather like Siam Orchid, although I usually seem to go to the Manchester location.

          Barley House has a nice light dinner menu. I've enjoyed it.

          I'm thoroughly underwhelmbed by Margarita's and Common Man.

          1. I'd go drink wine and eat small plates at 55 Degrees (downtown) -

            1. Where are you staying downtown? Centennial Inn is up Pleasant Street a ways--kind of a schlep. Common Man is at the south end of Main Street, near the on ramp to the highway. The best thing I ever ate at Capitol Grille were hand cut, freshly fried potato chips--yum. Not sure if they are on the menu. My rec is Angelina's, if you like Italian. The setting is great--kind of urban funky and the food registers up there for NH Italian.

              1. Siam Orchid is wonderful. Excellent food, reasonable prices. I'm not a huge fan of the barley house, but the food isn't bad.

                1. I would avoid the Common Man in Corcord - I find it overpriced and not that great.
                  For a very casual meal, for example if you have kids or teenagers with you, Foodies on Main serves very good pizza and cheese covered garlic bread. Plus, it has beer on tap.

                  1. I wound up only able to eat one meal (left back for Boston earlier than expected). That meal was at Siam Orchid. I thought it good but not great. I tried two appetizers, one was kinda greasy, and also had phad thai, which was fine. The menu was huge for a Thai restaurant. Service and milieu were excellent.

                    Also loved staying in the Holiday Inn right downtown, which had excellent cookies in the lobby in the afternoon. Stopped in the Barley House, but only for a drink; it seemed a fun place, with good music.