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Jul 20, 2007 02:48 PM

Best Greek food on the Danforth?

Hey all, I'm a newbie to chowhound (and slowly becoming an addict!). I'd like to take the fam to a great Greek resto on the Danforth. We're from Scarborough, so our usual spot is The Friendly Greek on Morningside and Kingston, which wasn't so bad except now they've upped the price and cut back on the portions.

I'm leaning towards The Pantheon..any thoughts?

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  1. Hi mbee, welcome to chowhand!!! If you're thinking a fish dinner then Pantheon would be the place....they are in the middle of a reno but are still managing. Last week they were stucco'ing the front and it was business as usual. If you are thinking more along of the lines of souvlaki's I would recommend Kalyvia. Very good and not as loud as some of the other establishments along the Danny. Weather is supposed to be great for patio dining. Enjoy.

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      1. re: robgm

        Globe and Lolita are great, but beware, they arent greek.

        1. re: deelicious

          Globe is great, Lolita in my opinion is just okay. When it first opened many years ago it was vv good, since then it has steadily declined.

    1. To my mind (and tongue) the best Greek on the Danforth is Avli. Think upscale taverna. Very good food, very interesting wine list. I love their rabbit pie (think rabbit stifado with a crust).

      And, welcome to the pack.

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      1. re: hungry_pangolin

        I agree, I lived in Riverdale for a few years and Avli ended up being my favorite.

      2. Avli has been my favourite for several years, with mainly good food and service. I'd recommend it, though a recent posting described a lacklustre experience there. They have some interesting dishes, including great vegetarian options. Don't go there for souvlaki!

        My second recommendation would be Ouzeri, though it has been less consistent.

        My third recommendation is Zorbas for incredibly cheap old style stews and amazing lima beans.

        (If you are looking for souvlaki, I can't really help.)

        1. Pantheon, Mezes and Avli are our favourites. I like all 3 for souvlakis as much as for the fish or seafood.

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          1. re: deelicious

            Thanks all for your recommendations - I'm down to Pantheon and Kalyvia..I'm a sucker for the down-to-earth no-nonsense type of restaurants. I should be making a decision by tomorrow! :)

            1. re: mbee

              Pantheon has generally been better. Kalyvia has been cheaper.
              I have heard good things about Kalyvia's calamari (which I personally don't eat).

              1. re: embee

                Just had dinner at the Pantheon tonight Thanks to everyone for the recommendation, my whole family loved it! Even my parents thought it was worth the trek from Scarborough. Their calamari is amazing - cooked just right - juicy, not dry. My sister got the lamb chops, and my bro had the mixed grilled meat platter. I stole a few bites from them! I was very impressed. Now I know why they're one of the best.

                1. re: mbee

                  Can I say that I miss the old days, when you went into the kitchen and picked out your dinner from what the chef had on the stove.

                  This was usually accompanied by not very helpful explanations - "What's this?" '"Lamb." "How about this?" "Other kind of lamb." etc.

                  1. re: ekammin

                    Go to Zorba's - South side east of Pape. It's the last one. It's gloomy, but the food is good. Lamb with artichokes, meat ball soup, beef stew with tomatoes, etc. Unless you can't stand lima beans, you MUST have the gigantes.

                    Don't get stuff like souvlaki or fries.

                    If you are lucky (or maybe unlucky), you may find a tray of lamb heads complete with teeth.

          2. I have to agree that Avli is probably the very best place on the danforth. We ate at Kalyvia last week and it was the worst greek food that I have ever had. Maybe it was just an off night, but with so much choice on the strip, we will definitely not go there again. Pan on the Danforth was very good when we ate there a month ago.

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            1. re: matbouha

              Avli was great 8 years back, but about 5 years ago we saw a steady decline in the food. (we used to eat there about once a month, so it was easy to see the decline). Did anyone else eat there more than 5 years ago and still finds it good now? I haven't eaten at AVLI since about 2002 and have no reason to return unless the food has improved.

              I usually go to Pantheon, and just returned from a very good meal there this evening.

              Pan was the place I took my wife on our first date (back around June 1998) and we only just returned for another meal there 2 months ago. The food was absolutely fine, not as bad as mentioned by a few people in another thread.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Oh man, I just got back from a lunch at Pantheon and the service was terrible. I wanted to get my Greek Food fix before The Taste of The Danforth starts later this week.
                Appetizers were Deep Fried Calamari, Skordalia, Mushrooms and a Greek Bruschetta.
                The Calamari was a little "off" in taste.. blah. The rest of the App's were OK except after they served the three, I had to track down our waiter to ask where the mushrooms were (20 minutes later) His reply was that they were taking long because they "had to be grilled" BS! And then he quipped that maybe they had to pick them in the backyard??
                So.... the 4th App arrived 2 minutes before the mains.
                We all ordered the chicken souvlaki dinner except the boy, who ordered the souvlaki on a pita. The chicken was a little on the dry side though and well, it just wasn't happening there at all today. Frozen Fries were served with the souvlaki on a pita and they too were dry.
                And of all my pet peeves in a restaurant when it comes to service, we were left sitting at our table at the end of the meal and again we had to track down a waiter so we could please pay the bill and get out of there.
                Oh, I'll be back, because this is not indicative of their usual. I hope this is not a trend as the place was not even half full and I normally enjoy the food. It could be that they are ramping up for "The Taste" which, I tend to avoid, even though I live around the corner.

                1. re: Poorboy

                  We went during Taste of the Danforth and had a really good waiter, no complaints about the service. However the food was a little disappointing, will have to go back when Taste is not happening.