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Jul 20, 2007 02:38 PM

my dad's turning 80!

hounds, i need some suggestions and help with menu ideas for my dad's upcoming birthday will be held in december (we live in florida) and i'm thinking about a brunch/lunch because all the old people don't like to drive at night...we'll probably be around 30, so it'll be buffet style...what are your thoughts on menus?...thanks so much...i know i could count on you

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  1. I know this is vague, but I would go with somewhat "light food"..My Dad is that age, and likes food that is not too heavy..Quiches, frittatas, egg casseroles, homemade muffins, salads (fruit and veggie ones), spreads and flatbreads or sliced bagels...My Dad and his friends love "bites" of things...They also love good bite-sized desserts...Yummy, homemade brownies, cookies, bars, etc...Some well mixed Bloody Mary's and/or Mimosas could round out the brunch..

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      I guess it would depend on your ethnicity and food traditions. My dad is ninety and has always loved thick soups and Eastern European dishes such as Kasha with bowties and beans. If it were my husband's father I'd bake a big dish of ziti or lasgane. You better find out who's on restricted diets with your older crowd.

    2. Sandra... are you catering this yourself (&/or with help of your family)? What facilities will you have to prepare the meal in? Let me know those things - along with the questions in the other posts below - and I'll be glad to help!