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Jul 20, 2007 02:24 PM

Apple juice v. Apple cider

What is the difference ? I've always thought that cider was fermented and therefore alcoholic. However , even supermarkets in "dry" areas have both juice and cider side by side on the shelf .... so , what's the difference ?

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  1. Apple juice is usually filtered and may have added sweeteners.

    Apple cider is unfiltered and often not worth the bother unless it's unpasteurized (or, if pasteurized, very fresh from the orchard), which according to a nanny-state FDA rule you can now only get at orchards. Pasteurized apple cider is dead apple cider, and dead apple cider is usually glorified apple juice. Unpasteurized apple cider is alive, and can ferment (though that usually takes 2-3 weeks at refrigerator temperatures), creating a lovely thing that freaks some folks out....

    1. I once posed this question to someone at the Washington State Apple Commission and was told there was no difference. It was just a marketing tool as one name might seem more appealing to some than the other. Based on Karl's post, I assume they were referring to the pasteurized products.

      1. go to martinelli's web site - they state that there is no difference. beteen them --Love that martinelli's apple anything

        1. As Flanders once said, "If it's sweet and yella: you've got juice there fella; If it's tangy and brown: you're in cider town."

          1. cider is most definitely fermented. the non-alcoholic brown often-cloudy stuff usually sold as cider is simply unfiltered apple juice. which can easily turn into cider, if it hasn't been pasteurized. (well, if you're not careful, unpasteurized juice can also develop a whole bunch of bacterial infections while you're waiting for it to turn into cider).