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ISO no bake desserts...

new ideas? (no fruit salads, please)

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    1. re: QueenB

      made one recently with buttermilk and topped with fresh berries. really good.

      also, apricot mousse is delightful.

    2. First thing that comes to my mind is Bananas Foster...there seem to be many awesome variations on it too!

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      1. re: Val

        strawberries in sweet balsamic topped with marscapone is my favorite!
        grilled bananas are great too (AKA banana ribs)
        trifles always work well
        chocolate covered fruit & pretzels, or fondue

        1. re: Val

          I second Bananas Foster. Who'd think something so easy could be so YUMMY!

          If you're grilling, throw on some peaches or pineapple and serve w/whipped cream or ice cream.

        2. Grilled pineapple sauteed with a little bit of brown sugar, vanilla and rum served over coconut sorbet.

          1. Berries and fresh cream (whipped or not)
            Ice cream sundaes (with malted milk powder on top!)
            Trifle or tiramisu (assuming you use store-bought ladyfingers or poundcake)
            Rice krispies treats (you do have to work on the stove, though)

            My grandma used to make a nice dessert where she dissolved gelatin in orange juice, folded it into whipped cream, then folded into torn pieces of angel cake. Take the mix and lightly pack it back into the pan and refrigerate. It's a nice light dessert. For holidays she'd mix it up with crushed peppermint (and no oj). Buy the angel food cake - it's just as good and way easier.

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              I have a recipe called jim`s pineapple cheese pie, it tastes like a che andesecake.
              it is real easy to put together about 3-4 minutes, then placed in refrigerator to set.
              it has crushed pineapple cream cheese pineapple jell-o, cool whip and a graham
              cracker crust. and if you don`t want to make it a pie, you can make it a dessert
              and put it into pudding bowls. simple as that.

              1. re: Jennalynn

                Holy %$&*, these sound really good - thanks! I love chocolate and orange together.
                And thanks to all for your responses. It worked like a charm- my landlord's handyman came and fixed my oven!

              2. Raspberry tiramisu! Easy, make-ahead (best made a day or two ahead), and everyone I've made it for has swooned. Make sure you use very fresh, local raspberries.


                1. I know your oven is fixed by now, but here is another no bake dessert idea: homemade pudding - so tasty!
                  Here is a recipe for a lemon one I made recently (although when I make it again I will use 2 c. milk instead of 2.5c).

                  1. This is a great thread for the summer, when we might not want to use the oven.

                    Other ideas: a fruit parfait or a pineapple-banana cream pie. The pineapple-banana cream pie uses canned chopped pineapple, bananas, a graham cracker bottom, a custard that you make out of milk and instant vanilla pudding, and Cool Whip.

                    1. Papaya/mango/banana/oj smoothies chilled in the fridge and then some over-proof Carribean rum splashed and mixed into each serving.

                      1. Ice cream. Truffles. Italian meringues. Poached fruit. Fool. Fruit soup. Funnel cake. Possibilities are endless...

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                        1. re: piccola

                          How do you make/serve Italian meringues? I'm familiar with Italian meringue for making frostings, but had never heard of it as a dessert on its own.

                        2. Ina Garten has a frozen key lime pie recipe that I made last week when I was camping. Instead of a mixer I used a blender for the first step and it came out fine. I don't know if people were being kind, or if they meant it, but a couple said it's the best they'd had. Also, I added 2 T of tequila and 1 T of triple sec. You couldn't really taste it but that's what I did. It's a spin on margarita pie I make sometime.