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Jul 20, 2007 01:51 PM

BBQ Skewers/ Kebabs [Moved from General Chowhounding Topics board]

I would love to find some decorative, attractive looking metal skewers for grilling. I have been temporarily using the bamboo sticks that have to be presoaked in water. I have looked online and have only found the metal skewers that are straight with just a small loop at the end. I was hoping to find something more exciting looking. Any suggestions of where I might look?

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  1. I don't know what you mean by exciting looking, but if you mean fancy heads (little brass roosters, etc.) try Bridge Kitchenware, maybe JB Prince and maybe, but less likely, Broadway Panhandler and Zabar's, possibly the place in the Chelsea Market, too (I don't remember what it's called.) Bridge and JB Prince have what seem to be fairly comprehensive websites so you can take a look before you start calling around.

    Beware form over function though - however pretty they are, you want something with a flat blade, with some width, to keep food from rolling around as you grill it. (Round bamboo works OK because it's relatively rough; round, smooth metal, not so much.)

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      Thank you Mike for all the great places to look. And yes, I am looking for something with fancy heads. I will keep in my your wonderful suggestion of finding something flat and with some width.

      1. re: GaGirl

        MikeG is correct - function over form! However, if you lose your heart to something round, use two parallel skewers to avoid the slipping food dilemma.

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          I just now noticed that this isn't on one of the NY boards and the names I mentioned might not be familiar (they're local here though they all do mailorder too). You might also check Sur La Table's website, and Williams Sonoma, too.

      2. I'd look for a middle eastern food store in your area. The store in my area has a nice selection of decorative brass topped skewers, such as sword handles, pyramids, and arabic designs.

        1. Don't bother with the circular skewers, great on the plate, but impossible on the grill. They take up so much room that you need a huge fire to cook more than one of them evenly.