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Jul 20, 2007 01:38 PM

mantra - new in paramus

anybody try it yet......

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  1. Where is it? What type of food? Do you know, have you heard, anything? Thanks. Eric

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    1. re: ELA

      We tried it last night - the new indian restaurant (waiter said about 2 weeks old) in the old namaskar spot on rte 4east in paramus, see I give it a solid B. It is an upscale indian and food quite good. We hadnt been to namaskaar in a few years but remember chipping paint and a very tired looking room--this is now a sleek modern comfortable large room(s). Food definitely above average- tried the table made chat -- excellent presentation and taste and vegetarian samosas which were about what you expect and nothing more. Had the chicken tikka masala which was delicious - not on the menu but as waiter described a fish masala special it was no problem to get this favorite (17$) instead. We also had an eggplant dish which was good but not good enough to order the next time. Bread basket was quite large (at 7$ )and all tables looked like they had ordered this (happily) along with Raita (4$). Other thoughts a mango amuse was quite good and a nice surprise and the drinks strong ( mojito martini was 10 bucks and excellent). Took a while (20 minutes) to get the wine ($8) but it was a large glass which was probably the equivalent of a glass and a half. For dessert we tried the banana flamba which was small for the price (13$ with ice cream) but made tableside as a nice presentation again- it was good. The saffron creme brulee was good but tasted like a standard creme brulee. Service while very friendly throughout was inconsistent-- in first few 15 minutes were omnipresent at the table, then disappeared for times (like waiting awhile for wine and asking twice for it) and later waiting to get the check (after dessert no one checked on us for close to a half hr). with that said the service again was friendly and we will return. only indian restaurant we have tried in the area that i have liked as much is bhoj (mantra with a much nicer setting, bhoj with excellent food at lowere prices). Keep in my mind as well that mantra just opened and im sure is still working on some kinks.... a good start!

      1. re: ekdd

        Thanks for the report.....i also went to namaskar a couple of years ago and thought it was the blandest indian I've ever eaten (i had to add salt to everything))I love the idea of tableside chaat.....couple of questions: is the food mostly northern or southern? What types of breads were in the bread basket? Are these the same owners under a new guise, or new people intirely

        1. re: sixelagogo

          i dont know if the owners are new or not--chef certainly is. breads were good and the naan & garlic naan were most notable and made up the bulk of the basket. tableside chat made expertly by busboy who seemed more kniowledgeable than the waiter who wasnt as familiar with dishes (and in fact said he let the busboy do the tableside chat presentation as he is "the best")

    2. I went last night, would rate everything eaten very highly, definitely a more upscale environment, experience, and pricing, than previous restaurant. I'll go again.