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Jul 20, 2007 01:08 PM

Help -- quiet SF Sunday dinner for 10-12

I'm trying to schedule a dinner a week from this Sunday for 10-12 people converging from around the country who see each other rarely and would like to converse during the meal. The food should be good and not too expensive. (I know, good+quiet+Sunday, forget it. As an indication, I was thinking Azie, since some of the people are staying in the Union Square area, but it is closed on Sundays.) Easy BART/MUNI access would be a plus (though some of us are driving). Thanks for any recommendations you might have. --PR

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  1. I can think of a several options but unfortunately none are near Union Square. In Noe, Bacco is open Sunday and fairly quiet, and could probably accomodate you (and I think it is cheaper and better than Azie though a different style of food); the back room at Incanto would be quiet though may not be available on short notice. My top choice for this if it is available (again, might not be on short notice) would be the back room at Aziza, though again it isn't near Union Square.

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      Also, nearer to Union Square, what about the Cafe Majestic? Just reviewed in the Chron, (which might impact the noise levels) and it might be pricey, and I haven't tried it, but the review was very favorable and mentioned the relative quiet. Here is one report:

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        Thanks, Susan. Bacco is a strong possibility, though it looks very old-school. (Not that I have any problems with old-school, done right!) I ruled out Incanto only because I want to take someone else there, and also I know that the main room is not quiet. I considered Aziza, but it may be too pricey. It's fairly clear that I have to give up on Union Square / SOMA. Noe Valley would be fine (I assume the walk from the J line is unremarkable...?) --PR

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          Bacco's chef is from Italy, the food's not at all old-school in the usual Italian-American way.

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            yes, I agree with Robert: Bacco doesn't fit my definition of old school in any case. and their risotto is the best in town (IMO) the way, they have a very reasonably priced pre-fix ($35 for three courses) on Sunday nights. I think the walk from the J Line is fine, though it is a few blocks, not right on the line as Incanto is (but look it up, don't ask me, I live nearby and would ordinarily drive to Bacco, walk to Incanto).

            I do spend more at Aziza typically then I do at Bacco, but not a *lot* more if you don't count Aziza's (excellent) cocktails. Portions at Aziza tend to be large (the set menu at Aziza is too much food for me.)

            And, Aziza isn't quiet unless you get the backroom, so all in all Bacco may be a better choice...

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              I meant old-school Italian, not Italian-American, but I shouldn't have used the term at all, probably, especially because I said it was a contender. I appreciate the info on Aziza portion size, as I hope to visit it as well with just the family.

              Thanks again for the prompt responses. --PR

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                Yep, old-school in the "Continental" Northern Italian way.

                How's the noise level and food at Mochica these days?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I found Mochica pretty quiet, even when it was full.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Thanks, it's been nearly 3 years since my one and only visit, but I thought they handled our group of 11 well.

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                    937 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

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            There's a minimum charge to take over the back room at Incanto, so that would pretty likely be over budget.

          3. Bacar is quieter now that the redesign is done, though it's still a large space. Food was good last week. Bong Su is quiet and has share plates and good space for a larger group. Belden Alley has multiple options close to Union Square.

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              would be interested in a more complete report on your experience at Bacar since folks have been wondering: did you post? Would love to hear more...

              I haven't eaten at Bong Su but it does seem to fit a lot of the requirements if it is quiet.

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                I agree with Bong Su...I think it would be a great choice! It's nice and quiet, and the food is incredible. Be sure to order the calimari.

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                On Belden, Plouf is closed on Sunday and B44 wasn't up to scratch on our last visit. Thanks for the Bong Su pointer; we have nothing to fill the niche that Slanted Door vacated, and I will investigate. --PR

              3. I nicest large group dinner I've been to in the last several years was at Jeanty at Jack's. Great food, very quiet and the service was attentive without being intrusive. I believe that it is open on Sundays. Located in the Financial District, so not TOO far from Union Square or BART.

                Jeanty At Jacks
                615 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111

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                  If PR thinks that Aziza might be too pricy, I think Jeanty at Jack's is definitely out of the running. My last dinner there was quite expensive (and I thought overpriced).

                2. I have booked at Bong Su (my first time on OpenTable, I don't know why I waited so long) and will put all of the other suggestions previously unknown to me on my list for future visits. Many thanks to all who helped. I will report on Bong Su and other meals as they happen. --PR