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Jul 20, 2007 01:08 PM

Mr. B's

Has anyone been since it reopened? How is it?

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  1. Went last week -- my first post-Katrina visit. The kitchen isn't up to snuff yet. The seafood gumbo (which used to be one of my favorite gumbos in the Quarter) was lackluster and underseasoned. My fish entree was sufficiently unmemorable that five days later I can't recall how it was prepared. The bread pudding was heavy and dull.

    The Creole tomatoes in my salad, however were gorgeous.

    I'm rooting for Mr. B's which, in its pre-hurricane incarnation, was consistently good. I'll try it again when I visit next year, in the hopes that the kitchen has ironed out the kinks.

    1. I was there last Thursday night and concur with SBrooksB's observations. It was ok, but should have been much better.

      1. Went this past Saturday night and ate at the bar. I enjoyed the Gumbo Ya Ya; nice dark smoky roux. Just as I remember. Hower, the garlic chicken had SOOO much garlic smothered over it that I had to scrape it off. Hey, I like garlic but this was over the top. Reduction sauce was decent.